Revert "hwid: do not match "unsupported" component item."

The CL causes the decoding HWID fails if the HWID string contains unsupported
components. Revert it first and find another way to implement the feature.


This reverts commit 9b5155ca68a82cc0a111e5c57f65331d50224730.

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Google Chrome OS Factory Software Platform

This repository contains tools and utilities used for manufacturing solution.

The layout of /usr/local/factory, as installed on devices' stateful partitions, is as follows. Most of these files are installed from this repository, and follow this repository's directory structure.

  • bin/: Symbolic links to executable scripts and Python modules.

  • build/: Folder to contain build output artifacts.

  • doc/: Document templates and resources.

  • go/: Programs written in Go language.

  • init/: Initialization of factory environment for Chrome OS.

  • misc/: Miscellaneous resources used outside of Goofy

  • proto/: Proto-buf schema definition.

  • setup/: Scripts and programs for partner to setup the environment.

  • sh/: Shell scripts.

  • py_pkg/: Symbolic link to enable importing Python packages

  • py/: Python source code in the cros.factory module and sub-modules. See py/ for more information.

  • board/: Board-specific files (optional and only provided by board overlays, not this board overlay):

    • A script to add board-specific arguments when starting the Goofy (the factory test harness).
    • Other files needed by board-specific tests.

Within the build root (/build/$BOARD), /usr/local/factory/bundle is a “pseudo-directory” for the factory bundle: it is masked with INSTALL_MASK so it is not actually installed onto devices, but any files in this directory will be included in factory bundles built by Buildbot. For example, the shopfloor and mini-Omaha servers are placed into this directory.

Within board overlays, the chromeos-base/chromeos-factory-board package may overlay files into this directory structure.

For instance, a board overlay may install:

  • A board-specific test into /usr/local/factory/py/test/pytests.

  • /usr/local/factory/bundle/README to include a README in the factory bundle.

  • Any arbitrary board-specific file (e.g., a proprietary tool licensed only for use on a particular board) into /usr/local/factory/board.

  • /usr/local/factory/board/board_setup_{factory,x}.sh to customize Goofy or X arguments.