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Introduction to working with the Factory SDK
The factory repository contains the following important
files and directories:
* ``bin``: Symlinks to variables tools and utilities within the
factory source.
* ``build``: A temporary directory used when building the factory
* ``Makefile``: Used to build the factory code and documentation.
* ``py``: Python source. The "root" of this source tree is the
:py:mod:`cros.factory` module, so for instance the module
:py:mod:`cros.factory.system.board` would be found in the
``py/system/board`` directory.
* ``py_pkg``: A directory that is used as the ``PYTHONPATH`` entry to
include the factory source. ``py_pkg/cros/factory`` is simply a
symlink to the ``py`` directory, so when Python searches for (e.g.)
the :py:mod:`cros.factory.system.board` module, it will find it in
``py_pkg/cros/factory/system/`` (which points to
* ``sh``: Shell scripts.
* ``test_lists``: Old-style test lists. (New test lists are simply
code in the :py:mod:`cros.factory.test.test_lists` module. See
Make targets include:
* ``default``: Builds the factory test harness.
* ``par``: Builds a par file ("Python archive") that contains the
entire source and dependent libraries, and can be used to run
various tools and utilities.
* ``lint``: Checks the source for style violations.
* ``test``: Runs unit tests.
* :samp:`overlay-{board}`: Creates a directory called `overlay-{board}`
containing the contents of the factory source, overlayed with contents
from the board overlay (e.g., in
This is useful to pull in board-specific files such as test lists.
* :samp:`overlay-{board}-lint`: Runs the :samp:`overlay-{board}-lint`
target, and further runs ``make lint`` within the overlay directory.
* :samp:`overlay-{board}-test`: Runs the :samp:`overlay-{board}-test`
target, and further runs ``make test`` within the overlay directory.
In general, it is advisable to run ``make lint`` and ``make test`` before submitting
code. There are presubmit checks to enforce this.
If you are working on board overlays, it is also a good idea to run
:samp:`make overlay-{board}-lint`, and possibly :samp:`make
overlay-{board}-test`, to verify that any files you have changed in
the board overlay are syntatically correct and have no style violations.
Coding style
Make sure to follow the `Chromium Python Style Guide
In the factory repository, we also try to follow the `Google Python
Style Guide
<>`_ as
much as possible. If there is a conflict between the two, the Chromium
Python Style Guide wins.
Unit testing
Source files with filenames ending in ```` are considered
to be unit tests. All such tests are run by the ``test`` Makefile
target (``make test``).
You can put unit tests in the board overlay as well; these tests can
be run by :samp:`make overlay-{board}-test`.