Google Factory Tool (gooftool)

Google Factory Tool (gooftool), is a standalone program to provide and support all Google required Chrome OS specific manufacturing flow, including:

  • Enable and check write protection.
  • Leave and check developer mode.
  • Wipe manufacturing data.
  • Verify hardware configuration and setup right Hardware ID (HWID).
  • Ensure ChromeOS image version, channel, and digital signing keys.
  • Sanity check Vital Product Data (VPD).

Since it is very specific to ChromeOS, gooftool may need to run on a pure test image without standard Chrome OS factory software environment and should not allow arbitrary modification. It is carefully designed that

  • gooftool should not use Factory Test or Device API.
  • gooftool may only import HWID, test environment and schema (rules), or shared utilities (cros.factory.utils).

For devices running station mode, gooftool is executed as PAR on DUT directly instead of using Device API.