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The init folder contains configurations to change ChromeOS boot flow into
factory-ready environment.
The goal is to start UI (Chrome) in Kiosk mode, and browsing factory web UI
port on default. We used to rely on Telemetry for that, but it had some
problems in TPM ownership, unreliable boot flow against login manager, ...
The new solution is to alter UI startup procedure:
0. This folder should be copied into /mnt/stateful_partition as path
dev_image/factory/init, and mounted at /usr/local/factory/init.
1. /etc/init/factory-init.conf must be executed when 'starting'
boot-services.conf (before UI is started), then calls factory/init/startup.
2. factory/init/startup will apply any rules in in its sub folders, for
example binding a customized /etc/chrome_dev.conf (which will be parsed
by Chrome session manager and applied for startup in "ui.conf").
Now, when everything is set, we'll have a new and unified boot flow:
(upstart) startup -> [chromeos_startup] -> (upstart) boot_services ->
(upstart) factory-init -> [factory/init/setup] ->
(upstart) factory -> [goofy_control] -> (upstart) ui (Chrome) -> [goofy] ->
[emit login-prompt-visible] -> (upstart) other system services ...
And when developers run factory_restart, it brings up these services in same
flow (first factory then chrome).