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This repository contains tools and utilities used for factory testing.
The layout of /usr/local/factory, as installed on devices' stateful
partitions, is as follows. Most of these files are installed from
this repository, and follow this repository's directory structure.
bin/ symlinks to executable scripts and Python modules.
board/ Board-specific files: A script to add board-specific arguments when
starting the Goofy, the factory test harness.
* Other files needed by board-specific tests.
misc/ miscellaneous resources used outside of Goofy
py/ Python source code in the cros.factory module and
py_pkg/ symlinks to enable importing Python packages
sh/ shell scripts
test_lists/ test lists, which are searched for in the following order:
test_list A board-specific test list. This is not present in this
repo, but rather provided in a board overlay.
test_list.generic The default generic test list, used if test_list is
not provided by the overlay.
(Note that board/ and test_lists/test_list are optional and only
provided by board overlays, not this repository.)
Within the build root (/build/$BOARD), /usr/local/factory/bundle is a
"pseudo-directory" for the factory bundle: it is masked with
INSTALL_MASK so it is not actually installed onto devices, but any
files in this directory will be included in factory bundles built by
Buildbot. For example, the shopfloor and mini-Omaha servers are
placed into this directory.
Within board overlays, the chromeos-base/chromeos-factory-board
package may overlay files into this directory structure. (For
examples of this, run "cd $CROS_WORKON_SRCROOT; find
src/*-overlays/overlay-*/chromeos-base/chromeos-factory-board".) For
instance, a board overlay may install:
- a board-specific test into /usr/local/factory/py/test/pytests
- /usr/local/factory/bundle/README to include a README in the
factory bundle
- any arbitrary board-specific file (e.g., a proprietary tool
licensed only for use on a particular board) into
- /usr/local/factory/board/board_setup_{factory,x}.sh to customize
Goofy or X arguments