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ChromeOS Factory Software: Inhibit Upstart Jobs

To inhibit an Upstart job (/etc/init/*.conf) from execution, add a file using job name and describe why we want to disable it as file content.

To start these jobs, execute

run_inhibited_job <JOBNAME>

If you want to do something else when the job was fired (and inhibited), for example emitting another Upstart event so pending jobs can continue, create the file as shell script with execution permission.


To stop powerd, create a file powerd with following contents:

In factory environment, we need to disable powerd so run-in tests (and many
non-interactive tests) will not fall into suspended mode.  Also we need to
disable powerd to access power button (and being able to close lid).

To start powerd maually, do:

run_inhibited_job powerd

If you want all jobs pending on powerd to run, enable it for execution ( chmod +x powerd) and change its contents to:

initctl emit -n started JOB=powerd