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# A mapping of which binaries to install when, by symlinking the
# binary name to factory.par or factory-mini.par.
# full = install in /usr/local/bin when installing the toolkit
# mini = install in /usr/local/bin when installing the factory-mini
# package in the test image. The binary must work when run as
# factory-mini.par.
# If a binary is symlinked in bin but not present in this list, it is
# never installed into /usr/local/bin.
bft_fixture: full
edid: full
factory: full
factory_bug: full
factory_restart: full
flash_netboot: full
gooftool: mini
goofy: full
goofy_control: full
goofy_remote: full
goofy_rpc: full
hwid: mini
make_par: full
merge_logs: full
mount_partition: full
regcode: mini
run_pytest: full