ChromeOS Factory Test Lists

This package contains factory test lists. See: http://goto/cros-factory-test-list or


On startup, test list manager loads all *.test_list.json in this directory. If the JSON file defines tests, the test list ID will be exported as a valid test list. Use command factory test-list --list to find all valid test lists, and factory test-list <test-list-id> to activate the test list.


If a file called ACTIVE is present in this directory, it contains the ID of the active test list. So, for example, to activate the generic_main test list on a device:

echo generic_main > /usr/local/factory/py/test/test_lists/ACTIVE

If no ACTIVE file is present, the main test list is used.

(Note that ACTIVE is a file, not a symlink to a file as in the past.)