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Chrome OS Factory Software Setup and Deployment

This folder contains tools and scripts for factory flow setup. All programs here may need to run on few different environments:

  • Inside chroot of cros_sdk
  • Outside chroot but still with complete source tree
  • Inside a factory bundle running on arbitrary Linux device (no source tree).

So all programs must use only the libraries in same folder or packaged into a standalone program when deployed.

List of available commands

This is the main script for Factory Server deployment.


This is an integrated program with sub commands for manipulating Chromium OS disk images for different purposes, including:

  • bundle: Creates a factory bundle from given arguments.
  • docker: Create a Docker image from existing Chromium OS disk image.
  • preflash: Create a disk image for factory to pre-flash into internal storage.
  • rma: Create an RMA image for factory to boot from USB and repair device.
  • edit_lsb: Edit contents of ‘lsb-factory’ file from a factory_install image.
  • get_firmware: Extracts firmware updater from a Chrome OS disk image.
  • merge_rma: Merge multiple RMA images into one single large image.
  • mount: Mounts a partition from Chromium OS disk image.
  • netboot: Access Chrome OS netboot firmware ( settings.
  • resize: Changes file system size from a partition on a Chromium OS disk image.

Run image_tool help COMMAND (replace COMMAND by the name of sub command) to get more details.


The underlying tool for creating resources for factory server and various (RMA, preflash) images.

A tool to re-create or merge HWID config files.