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WebGL Aquarium Test

The files that are required to run the WebGL Aquarium test will be fetched from CPFE BCS during build. If you want to get the files manually, you can just run:

emerge-<board> factory

and then copy out the files from:


Instructions to build the tarball

The file webgl-aquarium.tar.bz2 on BCS was created from the sources of:

You have to check out the source code with mecurial. Once you have the source code, do the following modifications:

  1. cd to the aquarium/ directory.
  2. Remove source_asserts/ to reduce size.
  3. Manually copy khronos/, jquery-ui-1.8.2.custom/, tdl/ directories from the upper-level directory.
  4. Modify aquarium.html to point the src of all the script tags to current directory instead of upper-level directory.

and finally, switch to the upper-level directory and run:

tar -jcvf webgl-aquarium-<data tag>.tar.bz2 webgl_aquarium_static/

to generate the tarball and upload to BCS. After you upload the tarball to BCS, go to:

switch to distfiles/, find the tarball you uploaded, and check “Share Publicly”.