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# pylint: disable=E1101
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Google Factory Tool.
This tool is indended to be used on factory assembly lines. It
provides all of the Google required test functionality and must be run
on each device as part of the assembly process.
import logging
import os
import pipes
import re
import sys
import time
from tempfile import gettempdir
import factory_common # pylint: disable=W0611
from cros.factory.common import Error, SetupLogging, Shell
from cros.factory.common import YamlWrite
from cros.factory.gooftool import crosfw
from cros.factory.gooftool import Gooftool
from cros.factory.gooftool import report_upload
from cros.factory.gooftool.probe import Probe, PROBEABLE_COMPONENT_CLASSES
from cros.factory.gooftool.probe import ReadRoVpd, ReadRwVpd
from cros.factory.gooftool.vpd_data import KNOWN_VPD_FIELD_DATA, FilterVPD
from cros.factory.hacked_argparse import CmdArg, Command, ParseCmdline
from cros.factory.hacked_argparse import verbosity_cmd_arg
from cros.factory.hwdb import hwid_tool
from cros.factory.event_log import EventLog, EVENT_LOG_DIR
from cros.factory.event_log import TimedUuid
from cros.factory.test.factory import FACTORY_LOG_PATH
from cros.factory.utils.process_utils import Spawn
# Use a global event log, so that only a single log is created when
# gooftool is called programmatically.
_event_log = EventLog('gooftool')
# TODO(tammo): Replace calls to sys.exit with raise Exit, and maybe
# treat that specially (as a smoot exit, as opposed to the more
# verbose output for generic Error).
CmdArg('hwid', metavar='HWID', help='HWID string'))
def WriteHWID(options):
"""Write specified HWID value into the system BB."""'writing hwid string %r', options.hwid)
_event_log.Log('write_hwid', hwid=options.hwid)
print 'Wrote HWID: %r' % options.hwid
_hwdb_path_cmd_arg = CmdArg(
'--hwdb_path', metavar='PATH',
help='Path to the HWID database.')
_hwid_status_list_cmd_arg = CmdArg(
'--status', nargs='*', default=['supported'],
help='allow only HWIDs with these status values')
_probe_results_cmd_arg = CmdArg(
'--probe_results', metavar='RESULTS.yaml',
help=('Output from "gooftool probe" (used instead of '
'probing this system).'))
_hwid_cmd_arg = CmdArg(
'--hwid', metavar='HWID',
help=('HWID to verify (instead of the currently set HWID of '
'this system)'))
CmdArg('-b', '--board', metavar='BOARD',
help='optional BOARD name, needed only if data is present '
'for more than one'),
CmdArg('--bom', metavar='BOM', help='BOM name'),
CmdArg('--variant', metavar='VARIANT', help='VARIANT code'),
CmdArg('--optimistic', action='store_true',
help='do not probe; assume singletons match'),
CmdArg('--comps', nargs='*', default=[],
help='list of canonical component names'),
CmdArg('--missing', nargs='*', default=[],
help='list component classes to be assumed missing'),
CmdArg('--status', nargs='*', default=['supported'],
help='consider only HWIDs within this list of status values'))
def BestMatchHwids(options):
"""Determine a list of possible HWIDs using provided args and probeing.
VOLATILE can always be determined by probing. To get a unique
result, VARIANT must be specified for all cases where the matching
BOM has more than one associated variant code, otherwise all HWID
variants will be returned. Both VARIANT and BOM information can
alternatively be specified using the --stdin_comps argument, which
allows specifying a list of canonical names (one per line) on stdin,
one per line. Based on what is known from BOM and stdin_comps,
determine a list of components to probe for, and use those probe
results to resolve a list of matching HWIDs. If no boms,
components, or variant codes are specified, then a list of all HWIDs
that match probeable components will be returned.
Returns (on stdout): A list of HWIDs that match the available probe
results and argument contraints, one per line.
// Three ways to specify a keyboard (assuming it is a variant component)
gooftool best_match_hwids --missing keyboard
gooftool best_match_hwids --variant A or
gooftool best_match_hwids --comps us_kbd
map(hwid_tool.Validate.Status, options.status)
hw_db = hwid_tool.HardwareDb(options.hwdb_path)
comp_db = hw_db.comp_db
device = hw_db.GetDevice(options.board)
component_spec = hwid_tool.ComponentSpec.New()
component_spec = hwid_tool.CombineComponentSpecs(
component_spec, device.boms[].primary)
if options.variant:
variant_spec = device.variants[options.variant]
if hwid_tool.ComponentSpecsConflict(component_spec, variant_spec):
sys.exit('ERROR: multiple specifications for these components:\n%s'
% YamlWrite(sorted(
hwid_tool.ComponentSpecClasses(component_spec) &
component_spec = hwid_tool.CombineComponentSpecs(
component_spec, variant_spec)
if options.comps or options.missing:
map(comp_db.CompExists, options.comps)
map(comp_db.CompClassExists, options.missing)
extra_comp_spec = comp_db.CreateComponentSpec(
print 'cmdline asserted components:\n%s' % extra_comp_spec.Encode()
if hwid_tool.ComponentSpecsConflict(component_spec, extra_comp_spec):
sys.exit('ERROR: multiple specifications for these components:\n%s'
% YamlWrite(sorted(
hwid_tool.ComponentSpecClasses(component_spec) &
component_spec = hwid_tool.CombineComponentSpecs(
component_spec, extra_comp_spec)
spec_classes = hwid_tool.ComponentSpecClasses(component_spec)
missing_classes = set(comp_db.all_comp_classes) - spec_classes
if missing_classes and not options.optimistic:
non_probeable_missing = missing_classes - PROBEABLE_COMPONENT_CLASSES
if non_probeable_missing:
sys.exit('FAILURE: these classes are necessary, were not specified '
'as inputs, and cannot be probed for:\n%s'
'This problem can often be addressed by specifying all of '
'the missing components on the command line (see the command '
'help).' % YamlWrite(list(non_probeable_missing)))
print 'probing for missing classes:'
print YamlWrite(list(missing_classes))
probe_results = Probe(target_comp_classes=list(missing_classes),
probe_volatile=False, probe_initial_config=False)
cooked_components = comp_db.MatchComponentProbeValues(
if cooked_components.unmatched:
sys.exit('ERROR: some probed components are unrecognized:\n%s'
% YamlWrite(cooked_components.unmatched))
probed_comp_spec = comp_db.CreateComponentSpec(
component_spec = hwid_tool.CombineComponentSpecs(
component_spec, probed_comp_spec)
print YamlWrite({'component data used for matching': {
'missing component classes': component_spec.classes_missing,
'found components': component_spec.components}})
component_data = hwid_tool.ComponentData(
match_tree = device.BuildMatchTree(component_data)
if not match_tree:
sys.exit('FAILURE: NO matching BOMs found')
print 'potential BOMs/VARIANTs:'
potential_variants = set()
potential_volatiles = set()
for bom_name, variant_tree in match_tree.items():
print ' BOM: %-8s VARIANTS: %s' % (
bom_name, ', '.join(sorted(variant_tree)))
for variant_code in variant_tree:
for volatile_code in device.volatiles:
status = device.GetHwidStatus(bom_name, variant_code, volatile_code)
if status in options.status:
print ''
if len(potential_variants) == 0:
sys.exit('FAILURE: no matching VARIANTs found')
if len(potential_volatiles) == 0:
sys.exit('FAILURE: no VOLATILEs found for potential matching BOMs/VARIANTS '
'(with specified status)')
if (options.optimistic and
len(match_tree) == 1 and
len(potential_variants) == 1 and
len(potential_volatiles) == 1):
print ('MATCHING HWID: %s' % device.FmtHwid(match_tree.keys().pop(),
print ('probing VOLATILEs to resolve potential matches: %s\n' %
', '.join(sorted(potential_volatiles)))
vol_probe_results = Probe(
cooked_volatiles = device.MatchVolatileValues(
match_tree = device.BuildMatchTree(
component_data, cooked_volatiles.matched_tags)
matched_hwids = device.GetMatchTreeHwids(match_tree)
if matched_hwids:
for hwid in matched_hwids:
if matched_hwids[hwid] in options.status:
print 'MATCHING HWID: %s' % hwid
print 'exact HWID matching failed, but the following BOMs match: %s' % (
', '.join(sorted(match_tree)))
if options.optimistic and len(match_tree) == 1:
bom_name = set(match_tree).pop()
bom = device.boms[bom_name]
variant_matches = match_tree[bom_name]
if len(variant_matches) == 1:
var_code = set(variant_matches).pop()
elif len(bom.variants) == 1:
var_code = set(bom.variants).pop()
sys.exit('FAILURE: NO matching HWIDs found; optimistic matching failed '
'because there were too many variants to choose from for BOM %r'
% bom_name)
hwids = [device.FmtHwid(bom_name, var_code, vol_code)
for vol_code in device.volatiles
if device.GetHwidStatus(bom_name, var_code, vol_code)
in options.status]
for hwid in hwids:
print 'MATCHING HWID: %s' % hwid
print ('optimistic matching not attempted because either it was '
'not requested, or because the number of BOMs was <> 1\n')
sys.exit('FAILURE: NO matching HWIDs found')
CmdArg('--comps', nargs='*',
help='List of keys from the component_db registry.'),
CmdArg('--no_vol', action='store_true',
help='Do not probe volatile data.'),
CmdArg('--no_ic', action='store_true',
help='Do not probe initial_config data.'),
CmdArg('--include_vpd', action='store_true',
help='Include VPD data in volatiles.'))
def RunProbe(options):
"""Print yaml-formatted breakdown of probed device properties."""
print Gooftool().Probe(target_comp_classes=options.comps,
probe_volatile=not options.no_vol,
probe_initial_config=not options.no_ic,
CmdArg('target_comps', nargs='*'))
def VerifyComponents(options):
"""Verify that probeable components all match entries in the component_db.
Probe for each component class in the target_comps and verify
that a corresponding match exists in the component_db -- make sure
that these components are present, that they have been approved, but
do not check against any specific BOM/HWID configurations.
comp_db = hwid_tool.HardwareDb(options.hwdb_path).comp_db
result = Gooftool(component_db=comp_db).VerifyComponents(
except ValueError, e:
# group by matches and errors
matches = []
errors = []
for result_list in result.values():
for component_name, _, error in result_list:
if component_name:
if matches:
print 'found probeable components:\n %s' % '\n '.join(matches)
if errors:
print '\nerrors:\n %s' % '\n '.join(errors)
sys.exit('\ncomponent verification FAILURE')
print "\ncomponent verification SUCCESS"
def VerifyHwid(options):
"""Verify system HWID properties match probed device properties.
First probe components, volatile and initial_config parameters for
the DUT. Then use the available device data to produce a list of
candidate HWIDs. Then verify the HWID from the DUT is present in
that list. Then verify that the DUT initial config values match
those specified for its HWID. Finally, verify that VPD contains all
the necessary fields as specified by the board data, and when
possible verify that values are legitimate.
def VerifyVpd(ro_vpd_keys, rw_vpd_keys):
for key in ro_vpd_keys:
if key not in ro_vpd:
sys.exit('Missing required RO VPD field: %s' % key)
known_valid_values = KNOWN_VPD_FIELD_DATA.get(key, None)
value = ro_vpd[key]
if (known_valid_values is not None) and (value not in known_valid_values):
sys.exit('Invalid RO VPD entry : key %r, value %r' % (key, value))
for key in rw_vpd_keys:
if key not in rw_vpd:
sys.exit('Missing required RW VPD field: %s' % key)
known_valid_values = KNOWN_VPD_FIELD_DATA.get(key, None)
value = rw_vpd[key]
if (known_valid_values is not None) and (value not in known_valid_values):
sys.exit('Invalid RW VPD entry : key %r, value %r' % (key, value))
_event_log.Log('vpd', ro_vpd=FilterVPD(ro_vpd), rw_vpd=FilterVPD(rw_vpd))
map(hwid_tool.Validate.Status, options.status)
if not options.hwid or not options.probe_results:
main_fw_file = crosfw.LoadMainFirmware().GetFileName()
if options.hwid:
hwid_str = options.hwid
gbb_result = Shell('gbb_utility -g --hwid %s' % main_fw_file).stdout
hwid_str = re.findall(r'hardware_id:(.*)', gbb_result)[0].strip()
hwid = hwid_tool.ParseHwid(hwid_str)
hw_db = hwid_tool.HardwareDb(options.hwdb_path)
print 'Verifying HWID: %r\n' % hwid.hwid
device = hw_db.GetDevice(hwid.board)
hwid_status = device.GetHwidStatus(, hwid.variant, hwid.volatile)
if hwid_status not in options.status:
sys.exit('HWID status must be one of [%s], found %r' %
(', '.join(options.status), hwid_status))
if options.probe_results:
# Pull in probe results (including VPD data) from the given file
# rather than probing the current system.
probe_results = hwid_tool.ProbeResults.Decode(
ro_vpd = {}
rw_vpd = {}
for k, v in probe_results.found_volatile_values.items():
match = re.match('^vpd\.(ro|rw)\.(\w+)$', k)
if match:
del probe_results.found_volatile_values[k]
(ro_vpd if == 'ro' else rw_vpd)[] = v
probe_results = Probe()
ro_vpd = ReadRoVpd(main_fw_file)
rw_vpd = ReadRwVpd(main_fw_file)
cooked_components = hw_db.comp_db.MatchComponentProbeValues(
cooked_volatiles = device.MatchVolatileValues(
cooked_initial_configs = device.MatchInitialConfigValues(
component_data = hwid_tool.ComponentData(
match_tree = device.BuildMatchTree(
component_data, cooked_volatiles.matched_tags)
matched_hwids = device.GetMatchTreeHwids(match_tree)
print 'HWID status: %s\n' % hwid_status
print 'probed system components:'
print YamlWrite(cooked_components.__dict__)
print 'missing component classes:'
print YamlWrite(probe_results.missing_component_classes)
print 'probed volatiles:'
print YamlWrite(cooked_volatiles.__dict__)
print 'probed initial_configs:'
print YamlWrite(cooked_initial_configs)
print 'hwid match tree:'
print YamlWrite(match_tree)
if hwid.hwid not in matched_hwids:
err_msg = 'HWID verification FAILED.\n'
if cooked_components.unmatched:
sys.exit(err_msg + 'some components could not be indentified:\n%s' %
if not match_tree:
sys.exit(err_msg + 'no matching boms were found for components:\n%s' %
if not in match_tree:
sys.exit(err_msg + 'matching boms [%s] do not include target bom %r' %
(', '.join(sorted(match_tree)),
err_msg += 'target bom %r matches components' %
if not in device.IntersectBomsAndInitialConfigs(
sys.exit(err_msg + ', but failed initial config verification')
matched_variants = match_tree.get(, {})
if hwid.variant not in matched_variants:
sys.exit(err_msg + ', but target variant_code %r did not match' %
matched_volatiles = matched_variants.get(hwid.variant, {})
if hwid.volatile not in matched_volatiles:
sys.exit(err_msg + ', but target volatile_code %r did not match' %
found_status = matched_volatiles.get(hwid.volatile, None)
sys.exit(err_msg + ', but hwid status %r was unacceptable' % found_status)
VerifyVpd(device.vpd_ro_fields, device.vpd_rw_fields)
_event_log.Log('verified_hwid', hwid=hwid)
print 'Verification SUCCESS!'
def VerifyKeys(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Verify keys in firmware and SSD match."""
return Gooftool().VerifyKeys()
def SetFirmwareBitmapLocale(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Use VPD locale value to set firmware bitmap default language."""
(index, locale) = Gooftool().SetFirmwareBitmapLocale()'Firmware bitmap initial locale set to %d (%s).',
index, locale)
def VerifySystemTime(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Verify system time is later than release filesystem creation time."""
return Gooftool().VerifySystemTime()
def VerifyRootFs(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Verify rootfs on SSD is valid by checking hash."""
return Gooftool().VerifyRootFs()
def VerifyWPSwitch(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Verify hardware write protection switch is enabled."""
def VerifyDevSwitch(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Verify developer switch is disabled."""
if Gooftool().CheckDevSwitchForDisabling():
logging.warn('VerifyDevSwitch: No physical switch.')
_event_log.Log('switch_dev', type='virtual switch')
def EnableFwWp(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Enable then verify firmware write protection."""
def CalculateLegacyRange(fw_type, length, section_data,
ro_size = length / 2
ro_a = int(section_data[0] / ro_size)
ro_b = int((section_data[0] + section_data[1] - 1) / ro_size)
if ro_a != ro_b:
raise Error("%s firmware section %s has illegal size" %
(fw_type, section_name))
ro_offset = ro_a * ro_size
return (ro_offset, ro_size)
def WriteProtect(fw_file_path, fw_type, legacy_section):
"""Calculate protection size, then invoke flashrom.
Our supported chips only allow write protecting half their total
size, so we parition the flash chipset space accordingly.
raw_image = open(fw_file_path, 'rb').read()
wp_section = 'WP_RO'
image = crosfw.FirmwareImage(raw_image)
if image.has_section(wp_section):
section_data = image.get_section_area(wp_section)
ro_offset = section_data[0]
ro_size = section_data[1]
elif image.has_section(legacy_section):
section_data = image.get_section_area(legacy_section)
(ro_offset, ro_size) = CalculateLegacyRange(
fw_type, len(raw_image), section_data, legacy_section)
raise Error('could not find %s firmware section %s or %s' %
(fw_type, wp_section, legacy_section))
logging.debug('write protecting %s [off=%x size=%x]', fw_type,
ro_offset, ro_size)
crosfw.Flashrom(fw_type).EnableWriteProtection(ro_offset, ro_size)
WriteProtect(crosfw.LoadMainFirmware().GetFileName(), 'main', 'RO_SECTION')
_event_log.Log('wp', fw='main')
ec_fw_file = crosfw.LoadEcFirmware().GetFileName()
if ec_fw_file is not None:
WriteProtect(ec_fw_file, 'ec', 'EC_RO')
_event_log.Log('wp', fw='ec')
logging.warning('EC not write protected (seems there is no EC flash).')
def ClearGBBFlags(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Zero out the GBB flags, in preparation for transition to release state.
No GBB flags are set in release/shipping state, but they are useful
for factory/development. See "gbb_utility --flags" for details.
CmdArg('--fast', action='store_true',
help='use non-secure but faster wipe method.'))
def PrepareWipe(options):
"""Prepare system for transition to release state in next reboot."""
CmdArg('--no_write_protect', action='store_true',
help='Do not check write protection switch state.'),
def Verify(options):
"""Verifies if whole factory process is ready for finalization.
This routine performs all the necessary checks to make sure the
device is ready to be finalized, but does not modify state. These
checks include dev switch, firmware write protection switch, hwid,
system time, keys, and root file system.
if not options.no_write_protect:
def LogSystemDetails(options): # pylint: disable=W0613
"""Write miscellaneous system details to the event log."""
_event_log.Log('system_details', **Gooftool().GetSystemDetails())
_upload_method_cmd_arg = CmdArg(
'--upload_method', metavar='METHOD:PARAM',
help=('How to perform the upload. METHOD should be one of '
'{ftp, shopfloor, ftps, cpfe}.'))
_add_file_cmd_arg = CmdArg(
'--add_file', metavar='FILE', action='append',
help='Extra file to include in report (must be an absolute path)')
def UploadReport(options):
"""Create and a report containing key device details."""
def NormalizeAsFileName(token):
return re.sub(r'\W+', '', token).strip()
ro_vpd = ReadRoVpd(crosfw.LoadMainFirmware().GetFileName())
device_sn = ro_vpd.get('serial_number', None)
if device_sn is None:
logging.warning('RO_VPD missing device serial number')
device_sn = 'MISSING_SN_' + TimedUuid()
target_name = '%s_%s.tbz2' % (time.strftime('%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ', time.gmtime()),
target_path = os.path.join(gettempdir(), target_name)
# Intentionally ignoring dotfiles in EVENT_LOG_DIR.
tar_cmd = 'cd %s ; tar cjf %s *' % (EVENT_LOG_DIR, target_path)
tar_cmd += ' --add-file %s' % FACTORY_LOG_PATH
if options.add_file:
for f in options.add_file:
# Require absolute paths since the tar command may change the
# directory.
if not f.startswith('/'):
raise Error('Not an absolute path: %s' % f)
if not os.path.exists(f):
raise Error('File does not exist: %s' % f)
tar_cmd += ' --add-file %s' % pipes.quote(f)
cmd_result = Shell(tar_cmd)
if ((cmd_result.status == 1) and
all((x == '' or
'file changed as we read it' in x or
"Removing leading `/' from member names" in x)
for x in cmd_result.stderr.split('\n'))):
# That's OK. Make sure it's valid though.
Spawn(['tar', 'tfj', target_path], check_call=True, log=True,
elif not cmd_result.success:
raise Error('unable to tar event logs, cmd %r failed, stderr: %r' %
(tar_cmd, cmd_result.stderr))
if options.upload_method is None or options.upload_method == 'none':
logging.warning('REPORT UPLOAD SKIPPED (report left at %s)', target_path)
method, param = options.upload_method.split(':', 1)
if method == 'shopfloor':
report_upload.ShopFloorUpload(target_path, param)
elif method == 'ftp':
report_upload.FtpUpload(target_path, 'ftp:' + param)
elif method == 'ftps':
report_upload.CurlUrlUpload(target_path, '--ftp-ssl-reqd ftp:%s' % param)
elif method == 'cpfe':
report_upload.CpfeUpload(target_path, param)
raise Error('unknown report upload method %r', method)
CmdArg('--no_write_protect', action='store_true',
help='Do not enable firmware write protection.'),
CmdArg('--fast', action='store_true',
help='use non-secure but faster wipe method.'),
def Finalize(options):
"""Verify system readiness and trigger transition into release state.
This routine first verifies system state (see verify command), modifies
firmware bitmaps to match locale, and then clears all of the factory-friendly
flags from the GBB. If everything is fine, it enables firmware write
protection (cannot rollback after this stage), uploads system logs & reports,
and sets the necessary boot flags to cause wipe of the factory image on the
next boot.
if options.no_write_protect:
logging.warn('WARNING: Firmware Write Protection is SKIPPED.')
_event_log.Log('wp', fw='both', status='skipped')
def Main():
"""Run sub-command specified by the command line args."""
options = ParseCmdline(
'Perform Google required factory tests.',
CmdArg('-l', '--log', metavar='PATH',
help='Write logs to this file.'),
CmdArg('--suppress-event-logs', action='store_true',
help='Suppress event logging.'),
SetupLogging(options.verbosity, options.log)
_event_log.suppress = options.suppress_event_logs
logging.debug('gooftool options: %s', repr(options))
logging.debug('GOOFTOOL command %r', options.command_name)
options.command(options)'GOOFTOOL command %r SUCCESS', options.command_name)
except Error, e:
sys.exit('GOOFTOOL command %r ERROR: %s' % (options.command_name, e))
except Exception, e:
if __name__ == '__main__':