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This folder contains manufacturing software and related tools in Python.
# Standalone Projects
cast/ Chromecast tests.
dkps/ Device Key Provisioning Server.
lumberjack/ A log processing tool.
minijack/ A console and dashboard for manufacturing status.
umpire/ A server to integrate factory imaging and various services.
factory_flow/ Automated testing of factory flow.
# Shared and misc folders
doc/ Templates and resources for document generation.
experimental/ Experimental programs.
proto/ Generated python code to access protobuf data.
tools/ Misc tool programs.
utils/ Utility programs shared by all modules and projects.
# Manufacturing and test programs
goofy/ The flow control and web user interface for factory software.
gooftool/ Google Factory Tool that provide ChromeOS finalization.
hwid/ The Hardware Identifier tools for ChromeOS.
shopfloor/ The interface to serve between ChromeOS factory software and
partner shopfloor servers.
system/ Modules to provide access to device system components.
test/ Manufacturing tests, including:
test_lists/ Test lists read by Goofy to control test flow and options.
pytests/ Individual test items to be defined in test list.