gooftool: Remove ".*.auto" suffix in probe result.

When the platform add the device, it would add the .*.auto suffix to the
device name. It causes the probe module gets the different value form the
samecomponent. Therefore we remove the auto-generated suffix.


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Google Chrome OS Factory Software Platform

This repository contains tools and utilities used for manufacturing solution.

The layout of /usr/local/factory, as installed on devices' stateful partitions, is as follows. Most of these files are installed from this repository, and follow this repository's directory structure.

  • bin/: Symbolic links to executable scripts and Python modules.

  • build/: Folder to contain build output artifacts.

  • doc/: Document templates and resources.

  • go/: Programs written in Go language.

  • init/: Initialization of factory environment for Chrome OS.

  • misc/: Miscellaneous resources used outside of Goofy

  • proto/: Proto-buf schema definition.

  • setup/: Scripts and programs for partner to setup the environment.

  • sh/: Shell scripts.

  • py_pkg/: Symbolic link to enable importing Python packages

  • py/: Python source code in the cros.factory module and sub-modules. See py/ for more information.

  • board/: Board-specific files (optional and only provided by board overlays, not this board overlay):

    • A script to add board-specific arguments when starting the Goofy (the factory test harness).
    • Other files needed by board-specific tests.

Within the build root (/build/$BOARD), /usr/local/factory/bundle is a “pseudo-directory” for the factory bundle: it is masked with INSTALL_MASK so it is not actually installed onto devices, but any files in this directory will be included in factory bundles built by Buildbot. For example, the shopfloor and mini-Omaha servers are placed into this directory.

Within board overlays, the chromeos-base/chromeos-factory-board package may overlay files into this directory structure.

For instance, a board overlay may install:

  • A board-specific test into /usr/local/factory/py/test/pytests.

  • /usr/local/factory/bundle/README to include a README in the factory bundle.

  • Any arbitrary board-specific file (e.g., a proprietary tool licensed only for use on a particular board) into /usr/local/factory/board.

  • /usr/local/factory/board/board_setup_{factory,x}.sh to customize Goofy or X arguments.