Dome User Guide

Dome: The Factory Server Management Console

Introduction to Dome

Dome is our new factory management console. On the factory server side, we have different projects responsible for different parts before: Shopfloor, Umpire, DKPS, Instalog, etc. They all have their own ways to manage, and require knowledge of the command line interface. Therefore, Dome was born: management console for all things in just one place, and best of all, it's GUI. In the future, you no longer need to set up Shopfloor, Umpire, or Instalog independently. You set up Dome, and let Dome help you finish all the tasks for you.


You need docker installed on the target computer (which requires internet access for a while).

  1. Recommend to use Ubuntu 16.04.1 server (xenial).

  2. Install Docker:

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install
  3. Type docker version and make sure your server version is newer than 1.9.1

  4. Dome is a web-based program, if you want to use it on the same machine, you’ll need the desktop environment. Run

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop chromium-browser

    to install the desktop environment and Chromium browser.

Note: the default Docker version shipped with Ubuntu 14.04 is too old. If you really have to use Ubuntu 14.04, you'll have to install newer Docker on it yourself. See

Deploying Dome

Get setup script

The deployment of all factory server components are managed by a script. To obtain that, you have three choices; just choose one of them:

  1. Download latest version from web. Make sure you have curl and base64 then:
curl "${url}?format=TEXT" | base64 -d >
sh ./ update
  1. Check out from factory repository:
git clone
cd factory/setup

Now you have ./

  1. Download the prepared factory bundle from CPFE, extract, then cd to setup folder to find the script.

Download and install factory server images

  1. Run ./ pull to download the docker images.
  2. If your target server machine does not have public network, copy and files listed on the screen to the target computer.
  3. On the target server machine, run ./ install to load docker images.
  4. Run ./ run to start Dome containers.

Access Dome Web User Interface

Open your browser to port 8000 of the Dome server, and you should see the welcome page. For example, if you're using the same machine and had the desktop environment set up, open the browser to http://localhost:8000.

Note: using Chrome/Chromium is highly recommended. If you want to use other browsers such as Firefox, you‘ll have to make sure the timeout setting is long enough or you’re likely to get an timeout error when uploading bundle files since they're normally very large.

Update setup script and server images

The version of server image is tracked inside setup script. To update setup script and server images to latest version, do:

./ update

Then repeat the steps in “Download and install factory server images” to update Dome.

One thing to note is that already created Umpire instances won't be updated automatically. To update, go to Dome and select board, click the “DISABLE” action button then “ENABLE” again using same port, then click the “CREATE A NEW UMPIRE INSTANCE” button.