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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Uses i2cdetect utility to probe for I2C devices on a specific bus.
This pytest will be deprecated and replaced by "probe" pytest later.
import json
import logging
import unittest
import factory_common # pylint: disable=unused-import
from cros.factory.device import device_utils
from cros.factory.test import factory
from cros.factory.test.utils import deploy_utils
from cros.factory.utils.arg_utils import Arg
from cros.factory.utils import file_utils
from cros.factory.utils import sys_utils
class I2CProbeTest(unittest.TestCase):
ARGS = [
Arg('bus', int, 'I2C bus to probe.', optional=True),
Arg('addr', (int, list), 'I2C address(es) to probe. Can be a list '
'containing multiple I2C addresses, in which case the test passes '
'when *any* of those exists.'),
Arg('r_flag', bool, 'Use SMBus "read byte" commands for probing.',
Arg('auto_detect_device', (str, list),
'Given devices name from /proc/bus/input/devices to auto '
'detect i2c bus',
def setUp(self):
self._dut = device_utils.CreateDUTInterface()
self.factory_tools = deploy_utils.CreateFactoryTools(self._dut)
def runTest(self):
self.assertTrue(self.args.bus is not None or self.args.auto_detect_device,
'You should assign bus or enable auto detect')
bus, addr_list, r_flag = self.args.bus, self.args.addr, self.args.r_flag
if self.args.auto_detect_device:
if not isinstance(self.args.auto_detect_device, list):
self.args.auto_detect_device = [self.args.auto_detect_device]
bus = sys_utils.GetI2CBus(self.args.auto_detect_device)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(bus, int), 'Auto detect bus error')'Auto detect bus: %d', bus)
if not isinstance(addr_list, list):
addr_list = [addr_list]
probe_config = {'i2c_category': {}}
for addr in addr_list:
probe_config['i2c_category']['device_%s' % addr] = {
'eval': {
'i2c': {
'bus_number': str(bus),
'addr': '0x%x' % addr,
'use_r_flag': r_flag}},
'expect': {}}'probe config: %s', probe_config)
with file_utils.UnopenedTemporaryFile(suffix='.json') as config_file:
with open(config_file, 'w') as f:
json.dump(probe_config, f)
# Execute Probe.
cmd = ['probe', '-v', 'probe', '--config-file', config_file]'Call the command: %s', ' '.join(cmd))
probed_results = json.loads(self.factory_tools.CheckOutput(cmd))
count = sum(
len(comps) for comps in probed_results['i2c_category'].values())
self.assertGreaterEqual(count, 1,
'No I2C device on bus %d addr %s' %
(bus, ', '.join(['0x%x' % addr
for addr in addr_list])))