ChromeOS Factory Test Lists

This package contains factory test lists. See: http://goto/cros-factory-test-list or


On startup, goofy imports all modules in this package (except for in alphabetical order. The CreateTestLists() function is invoked in each module that has one. is loaded last, and only if no other module has created a test list called main (i.e., there is no board-specific test list in the overlay).


If a file called ACTIVE is present in this directory, it contains the ID of the active test list. So, for example, to activate the manual_smt test list on a device:

echo manual_smt > /usr/local/factory/py/test/test_lists/ACTIVE

If no ACTIVE file is present, the main test list is used.

(Note that ACTIVE is a file, not a symlink to a file as in the past.)


If a file called IGNORE is present in this directory, it contains a list of all test list modules that should be ignored. (For our purposes, the “module name” is equivalent to the Python file name without its .py extension.) Test list module names are separated by spaces. This might be used if we have a particular test list which currently exhibits errors or exceptions (which Goofy will show on startup), but which we may want to fix and use in the future.

So, for example, to ignore the two test lists generic_rrt and generic_vswr on a device:

echo "generic_rrt generic_vswr" >/usr/local/factory/py/test/test_lists/IGNORE

If no IGNORE file is present, all test lists will be read by Goofy.

(Just like ACTIVE, IGNORE is also a regular file.)