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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A factory test to test the functionality of touchpad.
touchpad_event_id: Touchpad input event id. (default: None)
timeout_secs: Timeout for the test. (default: 20 seconds)
import array
import evdev
import fcntl
import logging
import unittest
import factory_common # pylint: disable=unused-import
from cros.factory.test import countdown_timer
from cros.factory.test import factory
from cros.factory.test.i18n import test_ui as i18n_test_ui
from cros.factory.test import test_ui
from cros.factory.test import ui_templates
from cros.factory.test.utils import evdev_utils
from cros.factory.test.utils import touch_utils
from cros.factory.utils.arg_utils import Arg
_ID_CONTAINER = 'touchpad-test-container'
_ID_COUNTDOWN_TIMER = 'touchpad-test-timer'
# The countdown timer will set the innerHTML later, so we should put some text
# here to make the layout consistent.
_HTML_TIMER = '<div id="%s">&nbsp;</div>' % _ID_COUNTDOWN_TIMER
_HTML_PROMPT = i18n_test_ui.MakeI18nLabelWithClass(
'Please take off your fingers and then press SPACE to start testing...',
'touchpad-test-prompt') + _HTML_TIMER
# The layout contains one div for touchpad touch and scroll,
# one table for left/right click, and one div for countdown timer.
<div id="%s" style="position: relative; width: 100%%; height: 60%%;"></div>
<table style="width: 100%%; height: 30%%;">
<td style="width: 65%%;">
<table id="quadrant_table" style="width: 100%%;">
<div id="quadrant2" class="touchpad-test-sector-untested" align="center">
Click Left-Top Corner
<div id="quadrant2_count" align="center">0/3</div>
<div id="quadrant1" class="touchpad-test-sector-untested" align="center">
Click Right-Top Corner
<div id="quadrant1_count" align="center">0/3</div>
<div id="quadrant3" class="touchpad-test-sector-untested" align="center">
Click Left-Bottom Corner
<div id="quadrant3_count" align="center">0/3</div>
<div id="quadrant4" class="touchpad-test-sector-untested" align="center">
Click Right-Bottom Corner
<div id="quadrant4_count" align="center">0/3</div>
<table style="width: 100%%;">
<td align="right" valign="center">
<div id="left-circle" class="touchpad-test-circle-untested"></div>
<td align="left" valign="center">
<div id="left-text-cell"></div>
<td align="right" valign="center">
<div id="right-circle" class="touchpad-test-circle-untested"></div>
<td align="left" valign="center">
<div id="right-text-cell"></div>
# The styles for each item on ui.
# For sectors (moving and scrolling event):
# touchpad-test-sector-untested: sector not touched.
# touchpad-test-sector-tested: sector touched.
# For circles (click event):
# touchpad-test-circle-untested: the style to show before click.
# touchpad-test-circle-down: click down.
# touchpad-test-circle-tested: release click.
.touchpad-test-prompt { font-size: 2em; }
#touchpad-test-timer { font-size: 2em; }
.touchpad-test-sector-untested {
background-color: gray;
height: 100%; }
.touchpad-test-sector-tested {
background-color: green; height: 100%;
opacity: 0.5; }
.touchpad-test-circle-untested {
border: 3px solid gray;
border-radius: 50%;
width: 20px; height: 20px;
box-sizing: border-box; }
.touchpad-test-circle-down {
border: 3px solid yellow;
border-radius: 50%;
width: 20px; height: 20px;
box-sizing: border-box; }
.touchpad-test-circle-tested {
border: 3px solid green;
border-radius: 50%;
width: 20px; height: 20px;
box-sizing: border-box; }
class UpDown(object):
"""The class to represent Up or Down event for KEY input.
The value is the same as value from evtest KEY event, where "0" is up and "1"
is down.
def __init__(self):
Up = 0
Down = 1
class Quadrant(object):
"""The class is to update quadrant information.
Update quadrant information according to x_ratio and y_ratio:
Quadrant 1 is Right-Top Corner
Quadrant 2 is Left-Top Corner
Quadrant 3 is Left-Bottom Corner
Quadrant 4 is Right-Bottom Corner
def __init__(self):
self.quadrant = 0
def UpdateQuadrant(self, x_ratio, y_ratio):
if x_ratio >= 0.5 and y_ratio < 0.5:
self.quadrant = 1
elif x_ratio < 0.5 and y_ratio < 0.5:
self.quadrant = 2
elif x_ratio < 0.5 and y_ratio >= 0.5:
self.quadrant = 3
elif x_ratio >= 0.5 and y_ratio >= 0.5:
self.quadrant = 4
class MoveEvent(object):
"""The class to store touchpad move event."""
def __init__(self):
self.x = None
self.y = None
self.scroll = None
self.sync = None
def Clear(self):
self.x = self.y = self.scroll = self.sync = None
class ClickEvent(object):
"""The class to store touchpad click event."""
def __init__(self):
self.btn_left = None
self.btn_right = None
def ClearBtnLeft(self):
self.btn_left = None
def ClearBtnRight(self):
self.btn_right = None
class TouchpadTest(unittest.TestCase):
"""Tests the function of touchpad.
The test checks the following function:
1. Detect finger on every sector of touchpad.
2. Two finger scrolling.
3. Single click.
4. Either double click or right click.
self.ui: test ui.
self.template: ui template handling html layout.
self.x_max: max grid value of horizontal movement.
self.y_max: max grid valud of vertical movement.
self.touchpad_device_name: This can be probed from evdev.
self.move_event: the detected move event. The event will be drew
and reset upon sync event.
self.click_event: the detected click event. The event will be drew for each
detected btn_left or btn_right up and down. btn_left or btn_right will
get reset upon drawing. Note that double_tap will not get reset
upon drawing since we have to keep double_tap value for the case that
two fingers stay on the touchpad.
self.touchpad_has_right_btn: for touchpad with right button, we don't want
to process double click. We will only process right_btn and left_btn.
self.quadrant: This represents the current quadrant of mouse.
ARGS = [
Arg('touchpad_event_id', int,
'Touchpad input event id. The test will probe'
' for event id if it is not given.', default=None, optional=True),
Arg('timeout_secs', int, 'Timeout for the test.', default=20),
Arg('number_to_click', int, 'Target number to click.', default=10),
Arg('number_to_quadrant', int,
'Target number to click for each quadrant.', default=3),
Arg('x_segments', int, 'Number of X axis segments to test.', default=5),
Arg('y_segments', int, 'Number of Y axis segments to test.', default=5)]
def setUp(self):
# Initialize frontend presentation
self.ui = test_ui.UI()
self.template = ui_templates.OneSection(self.ui)
# Initialize properties
self.x_max = None
self.y_max = None
self.touchpad_device_name = None
self.move_event = MoveEvent()
self.click_event = ClickEvent()
self.touchpad_has_right_btn = False
self.quadrant = Quadrant()
if self.args.touchpad_event_id is None:
touchpad_devices = evdev_utils.GetTouchpadDevices()
assert len(touchpad_devices) == 1, 'Multiple touchpad devices detected.'
self.touchpad_device = touchpad_devices[0]
self.touchpad_device = evdev.InputDevice(
'/dev/input/event%d' % self.args.touchpad_event_id)
self.dispatcher = None
self.number_fingers = 0
self.already_alerted = False'start countdown timer daemon thread')
lambda: self.ui.CallJSFunction('failTest'),
def ProbeEventSource(self):
"""Probes for touch event path.
Touch device has type EV_ABS, and there is a code ABS_MT_POSITION_X in
the first element of one of its values.
It also has type EV_KEY, in which there is a code BTN_LEFT in its values.
for dev in map(evdev.InputDevice, evdev.list_devices()):
event_type_code = dev.capabilities()'capabilities, %s', event_type_code)
if not (evdev.ecodes.EV_KEY in event_type_code and
evdev.ecodes.BTN_LEFT in event_type_code[evdev.ecodes.EV_KEY]):
if evdev.ecodes.EV_ABS in event_type_code:
codes = [x[0] for x in event_type_code[evdev.ecodes.EV_ABS]]
if evdev.ecodes.ABS_MT_POSITION_X in codes:'Probed device path: %s; name %s', dev.fn,
return dev.fn
def tearDown(self):
"""Clean-up stuff.
Terminates the running process or we'll have trouble stopping the
Enable the touchpad at X to enable touchpad function in test ui.
if self.dispatcher is not None:
def GetSpec(self):
"""Gets device name, btn_right, x_max and y_max."""
self.touchpad_device_name =
if (evdev.ecodes.BTN_RIGHT in
self.touchpad_has_right_btn = True
ev_abs_dict = dict(self.touchpad_device.capabilities()[evdev.ecodes.EV_ABS])
self.x_max = ev_abs_dict[evdev.ecodes.ABS_MT_POSITION_X].max
self.y_max = ev_abs_dict[evdev.ecodes.ABS_MT_POSITION_Y].max'get device %s spec right_btn = %s, x_max = %s, y_max = %s',
self.touchpad_device_name, self.touchpad_has_right_btn,
self.x_max, self.y_max)
def HandleEvent(self, event):
"""Handles evdev events."""
def UpdateNumberFingers(self, event):
"""Update number_fingers according to the given event. Will alert and fail
the test if number_fingers is out of range.
event: an InputEvent.
mtb_event = touch_utils.MtbEvent.ConvertFromInputEvent(event)
if touch_utils.MtbEvent.IsNewContact(mtb_event):
self.number_fingers += 1
elif touch_utils.MtbEvent.IsFingerLeaving(mtb_event):
self.number_fingers -= 1
if not (0 <= self.number_fingers <= 2) and not self.already_alerted:
self.already_alerted = True
msg = 'number_fingers = %d' % self.number_fingers
self.ui.RunJS('alert("%s")' % (
r"Please don't put your third finger on the touchpad.\n"
r"If you didn't do that,\n"
r"treat this touch panel as a problematic one!!\n\n"
def ProcessLeftAndRightClickEvent(self):
"""Draws left click event or right click event."""
def ProcessSingleAndDoubleClickEvent(self):
"""Draws single click event or double click event."""
if self.number_fingers == 2:
elif self.number_fingers == 1:
def ProcessClickEvent(self, event):
"""Processes a click event.
event: the event to process.
if event.code == evdev.ecodes.BTN_LEFT:
self.click_event.btn_left = event.value
elif event.code == evdev.ecodes.BTN_RIGHT:
self.click_event.btn_right = event.value
if self.touchpad_has_right_btn:
def ProcessMoveEvent(self, event):
"""Processes a move event.
event: the event to process.
if event.code == evdev.ecodes.ABS_MT_POSITION_X:
self.move_event.x = event.value
elif event.code == evdev.ecodes.ABS_MT_POSITION_Y:
self.move_event.y = event.value
elif event.code == evdev.ecodes.ABS_MT_SLOT:
self.move_event.scroll = event.value
elif event.code == evdev.ecodes.SYN_REPORT:
self.move_event.sync = True
if self.move_event.sync:
def DrawMoveEvent(self):
"""Marks a scroll sector as tested or a move sector as tested."""
if self.move_event.x:
x_ratio = float(self.move_event.x) / float(self.x_max)
if self.move_event.y:
y_ratio = float(self.move_event.y) / float(self.y_max)
if self.move_event.x and self.move_event.y:
self.quadrant.UpdateQuadrant(x_ratio, y_ratio)
if self.move_event.scroll and self.move_event.y:
elif self.move_event.x and self.move_event.y:
self.MarkSectorTested(x_ratio, y_ratio)
def DrawSingleClick(self, up_down):
"""Draws single click event by calling javascript function.
up_down: UpDown.Up or Updown.Down or None.
if up_down == UpDown.Up:'mark single click up')
self.ui.CallJSFunction('markSingleClickUp', self.quadrant.quadrant)
elif up_down == UpDown.Down:'mark single click down')
self.ui.CallJSFunction('markSingleClickDown', self.quadrant.quadrant)
def DrawDoubleClick(self, up_down):
"""Draws double click event by calling javascript function.
up_down: UpDown.Up or Updown.Down or None.
if up_down == UpDown.Up:'mark double click up')
elif up_down == UpDown.Down:'mark double click down')
def DrawLeftClick(self, up_down):
"""Draw left click event. For now we reuse DrawSingleClick.
up_down: UpDown.Up or Updown.Down or None.
def DrawRightClick(self, up_down):
"""Draw right click event. For now we reuse DrawDoubleClick.
up_down: UpDown.Up or Updown.Down or None.
def MarkScrollSectorTested(self, y_ratio):
"""Marks a scroll sector tested.
Gets the scroll sector from y_ratio then calls Javascript to mark the sector
as tested.
y_segment = int(y_ratio * self.args.y_segments)'mark %d scroll segment tested', y_segment)
self.ui.CallJSFunction('markScrollSectorTested', y_segment)
def MarkSectorTested(self, x_ratio, y_ratio):
"""Marks a touch sector tested.
Gets the segment from x_ratio and y_ratio then calls Javascript to
mark the sector as tested.
x_segment = int(x_ratio * self.args.x_segments)
y_segment = int(y_ratio * self.args.y_segments)'mark x-%d y-%d sector tested', x_segment, y_segment)
self.ui.CallJSFunction('markSectorTested', x_segment, y_segment)
def IsClear(self):
"""Check if there is no finger on the touchpad now.
True if there is no finger on the touchpad now. Otherwise, False.
# from linux/input.h
return (2 << 30) | (ord('E') << 8) | 0x0a | (size << 16)
cap = self.touchpad_device.capabilities()
ev_abs = dict(cap)[evdev.ecodes.EV_ABS]
abs_mt_slot = dict(ev_abs)[evdev.ecodes.ABS_MT_SLOT]
num_slots = abs_mt_slot.max - abs_mt_slot.min + 1
buf = array.array('i', [evdev.ecodes.ABS_MT_TRACKING_ID] + [0] * num_slots)
nbytes = buf.itemsize * len(buf)
return fcntl.ioctl(self.touchpad_device.fileno(), EVIOCGMTSLOTS(nbytes),
buf) >= 0 and buf.count(-1) == num_slots
def StartTest(self, _):
"""Start the test if the touchpad is clear.
This function is invoked when SPACE key is pressed. It will first check
whether the touchpad is clear or not. If not, it will notice the operator
and fail the test. Else, it will clear the event buffer and start the test.
_: a BindKey event object, not used.
if not self.IsClear():
logging.error('Ghost finger detected.')
self.ui.RunJS('alert("%s")' % (
r"Ghost finger detected!!\n"
r"Please treat this touch panel as a problematic one!!\n\n"
self.ui.Fail('Ghost finger detected.')
# We have to clear the event buffer because we open the device before
# the operator presses SPACE key. If the operator puts his/her finger
# on the touchpad when setUp() and we don't clear the event buffer,
# we will receive a FingerLeaving event and set number_fingers to -1.
while len(tuple( != 0:
except IOError:
# For new version of python-evdev, it raises an IOError if we try to
# read an event when the buffer is empty, instead of returning a
# generator of nothing.
'setupTouchpadTest', _ID_CONTAINER, self.args.x_segments,
self.args.y_segments, self.args.number_to_click,
self.dispatcher = evdev_utils.InputDeviceDispatcher(
self.touchpad_device, self.HandleEvent)'start monitor daemon thread')
def runTest(self):
self.ui.BindKey(test_ui.SPACE_KEY, self.StartTest)