Port and refactor IQ test (Image Quality) to pytest

1. Add test_type = IQ in camera_fixture test
2. Add sample test parameters camera.params.sample
3. Add analyze script analyze_camera_fixture_data.py

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0. make test

1. Test with shopfloor
    dargs={'mock_mode': True,
           'test_type': 'IQ',
           'fixture_type': 'FullChamber',
           'test_chart_version': 'A',
           'capture_resolution': (1280, 720),
           'IQ_data_method': 'Shopfloor',
           'IQ_param_pathname': 'camera/camera.params.sample',
           'IQ_local_ip': None})

   Copy camera.params.sample to shopfloor_data/parameters/camera.  It
   should fail Lens Shading test. Lower 'max_shading_ratio' to make
   it pass.  The test data (.txt, .bmp, .jpg) should be saved in

   During test is running, 'Start Test' button should be disabled.
   LED of external keyboard should be blinking.

2. Test with FAT32-formatted USB drive with camera.params.sample on it.
   Change 'IQ_data_method' to 'USB'.

   The test data should be saved in sub-folders sorted by date on USB
   drive. After removing USB drive, it should show red 'Unloaded'
   label and disable 'Start Test' button. Re-plug USB drive and it
   should enable 'Start Test' button again.

3. Use 'IQ_data_method' = 'Simple' and pass the content of
   camera.params.sample to 'IQ_param_dict'.

4. Set 'sn_auto_read' to False, it should show serial number input
   box. Input box shows green if it matches 'sn_format', shows red

   Set 'sn_auto_read' to True, it should hide serial number input box,
   and automatically read serial number from 'sn_sysfs_path'.

5. Set 'fw_check' to True to auto check firmware version.

6. Test Enter (w/ and w/o 'ignore_enter_key'), Space, Esc keys.

7. Run py/test/fixture/camera/analysis/analyze_camera_fixture_data.py
   inside saved data folder. It should output summary and save
   analyzed results to .csv file.

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