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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This is loaded and executed by
# src/platform/initramfs/factory_shim/ for patching rootfs in tmpfs.
# Note that this script may be executed by busybox shell (not bash, not dash).
# Usage: check_exists path new_root_prefix
# Returns if the path exists, and prints if path (without new_root_prefix)
# exists by adding a + or - prefix.
check_exists() {
local file="$1"
local new_root="$2"
if [ -e "${file}" ]; then
printf " +%s" "${file#${new_root}}"
return 0
printf " -%s" "${file#${new_root}}"
return 1
# Usage: patch_new_root new_root
# Patches new_root for booting into factory shim environment.
patch_new_root() {
local new_root="$1"
local file job
printf "Patching new root in %s..." "${new_root}"
# Copy essential binaries that are in the initramfs, but not in the root FS.
cp /bin/busybox "${new_root}/bin"
"${new_root}/bin/busybox" --install "${new_root}/bin"
# Never execute the firmware updater from shim.
touch "${new_root}"/root/.leave_firmware_alone
# Modify some files that does not work (and not required) in tmpfs chroot.
# This may be removed when we can build factory installer in "embedded" mode.
if check_exists "${file}" "${new_root}"; then
echo '#!/bin/sh' >"${file}"
echo 'echo "Sorry, $0 is disabled on factory installer image."' >>"${file}"
# Set network to start up another way
if check_exists "${file}" "${new_root}"; then
sed -i 's/login-prompt-visible/started boot-services/' "${file}"
# Disable upstart jobs that will block execution for factory shim environment.
# syslog is disabled because it expects rsyslogd exists,
# but we don't have rsyslogd in factory shim.
local disabled_jobs
disabled_jobs="arc-oemcrypto powerd swap syslog tpm-probe ui update-engine"
for job in ${disabled_jobs}; do
if check_exists "${file}" "${new_root}"; then
# Upstart honors the last 'start on' clause it finds.
echo "start on never" >>"${file}"
# Dummy jobs are empty single shot tasks because there may be services waiting
# them to finish.
# - pre-startup.conf: will mount new /tmp and /run, which we want to preserve.
# - boot-splash.conf: will try to invoke another frecon instance.
local dummy_jobs="pre-startup boot-splash"
for job in ${dummy_jobs}; do
if check_exists "${file}" "${new_root}"; then
sed -i '/^start /!d' "${file}"
echo "exec true" >>"${file}"
# We don't want any consoles to be executed.
# To debug using servo, please comment this line.
rm -f "${new_root}"/etc/init/console-*.conf
# The laptop_mode may be triggered from udev
rm -f "${new_root}/etc/udev/rules.d/99-laptop-mode.rules"
printf ""
# Usage: patch_new_root new_root
# Patches new /run (tmpfs) under new_root for booting into factory shim
# environment.
patch_new_run() {
local new_root="$1"
printf "Patching new /run..."
# /run by initramfs is sharing same tmpfs with root without having its own
# mounted tmpfs so we can't use `mount --bind` or `mount --move`; so
# duplicating /run is needed.
# Replicate running data (/run).
tar -cf - /run | tar -xf - -C "${new_root}"
# frecon[-lite] creates TTY files in /dev/pts and have symlinks in
# /run/frecon. However, /dev/pts will be re-created by chromeos_startup after
# switch_root. As a result, we want to keep a copy of /dev/pts in /dev/frecon
# and change symlinks to use them.
if check_exists "${new_root}/run/frecon"; then
local new_pts="/dev/frecon-lite"
mkdir -p "${new_pts}"
mount --bind /dev/pts "${new_pts}"
for vt in "${new_root}"/run/frecon/vt*; do
# It is assumed all vt* should refer to /dev/pts/*.
file="$(basename $(readlink -f "${vt}"))"
rm -f "${vt}"
ln -s "${new_pts}/${file}" "${vt}"
printf ""
main() {
patch_new_root "$1"
patch_new_run "$1"
set -e
main "$@"