factory_test_tools: fix results for HWQual tests

- HWQual needs to allow legacy search when there's still possible case of  ''
  (not present), which were not allowed by gft_hwcomp. This CL removes 'not
  present' before checking legacy search

- HWQual needs to also get better error output messages, especially when above
  change is applied.

TEST=/gft_hwcomp.py approved_components
    # on system with / without approved 3G, seeing success
    # on incompatible system, seeing  message like:
    {'part_id_cardreader': ['Actual: Not Present', 'Expected: XXXX:0138'],
     'part_id_ethernet': ['Actual: 0b95:7720 ASIX Elec. Corp. AX88x72A',
                           'Expected: XXXX:1063 | Not Present']}

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