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o Support for WPA/WPA2 Enterprise WiFi authentication
With wpa_supplicant the support for WPA/WPA2 Enterprise is already
present, but it needs properly hooked up. This involves a correct
security architecture since it uses personalized credentials.
o Support for WPS based WiFi authentication
Newer versions of wpa_supplicant contain support for WPS. For full
integration of WPS support, the agent concept needs to be extended.
o Support for multiple profiles
Currently only one active profile (the default profile) is supported.
o Support for static IPv4 configuration
This is in theory possible, but no D-Bus API has been defined on how
to configure it.
o Support for interface statistics
Information about carrier speed etc. should be exported.
o Support for handling RFKILL events
The RFKILL events are received via the udev infrastructure, but not
acted upon. Current problem is to assign the event to the correct
physical device. In case of platform RFKILL switches this is a real
problem and not solved yet.