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* Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef TERM_H
#define TERM_H
#include "fb.h"
#include "image.h"
/* Maximum length of buffer than can be passed to /dev/kmsg as defined in kernel
* sources. */
#define KMSG_LINE_MAX (1024 - 32)
extern unsigned int term_num_terminals;
typedef struct _terminal_t terminal_t;
void term_set_num_terminals(unsigned new_num);
terminal_t* term_init(unsigned vt, int pts_fd);
void term_close(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_close(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_key_event(terminal_t* terminal, uint32_t keysym, int32_t unicode);
bool term_is_child_done(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_page_up(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_page_down(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_line_up(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_line_down(terminal_t* terminal);
bool term_is_valid(terminal_t* terminal);
int term_fd(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_dispatch_io(terminal_t* terminal, fd_set* read_set);
bool term_exception(terminal_t*, fd_set* exception_set);
bool term_is_active(terminal_t*);
void term_activate(terminal_t*);
void term_deactivate(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_add_fds(terminal_t* terminal, fd_set* read_set, fd_set* exception_set, int* maxfd);
const char* term_get_ptsname(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_set_background(terminal_t* term, uint32_t bg);
int term_show_image(terminal_t* terminal, image_t* image);
void term_write_message(terminal_t* terminal, char* message);
fb_t* term_getfb(terminal_t* terminal);
terminal_t* term_get_terminal(int num);
void term_set_terminal(int num, terminal_t* terminal);
int term_create_splash_term(int pts_fd);
void term_destroy_splash_term(void);
void term_set_current(uint32_t t);
uint32_t term_get_current(void);
terminal_t *term_get_current_terminal(void);
void term_set_current_terminal(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_set_current_to(terminal_t* terminal);
int term_switch_to(unsigned int vt);
void term_monitor_hotplug(void);
void term_redrm(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_clear(terminal_t* terminal);
void term_zoom(bool zoom_in);
void term_background(bool onetry);
void term_foreground(void);
void term_suspend_done(void*);
void term_input_enable(terminal_t* terminal, bool input_enable);