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* Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef VIDEO_H
#define VIDEO_H
#include <xf86drm.h>
#include <xf86drmMode.h>
#include "dbus.h"
#include "edid_utils.h"
#define kGammaSize (256)
typedef struct {
int32_t width;
int32_t height;
int32_t pitch;
int32_t scaling;
int32_t size;
} buffer_properties_t;
typedef struct {
int32_t count;
uint64_t map_offset;
uint32_t *map;
} video_lock_t;
typedef struct _gamme_ramp_t{
uint16_t red[kGammaSize];
uint16_t green[kGammaSize];
uint16_t blue[kGammaSize];
} gamma_ramp_t;
gamma_ramp_t g_gamma_ramp;
typedef struct {
int fd;
drmVersion driver_version;
buffer_properties_t buffer_properties;
video_lock_t lock;
drmModeRes *drm_resources;
drmModeConnector *main_monitor_connector;
drmModeCrtc *crtc;
uint32_t buffer_handle;
uint32_t fb_id;
gamma_ramp_t gamma_ramp;
char internal_panel;
char edid[EDID_SIZE];
} video_t;
video_t* video_init();
int32_t video_getwidth(video_t* video);
int32_t video_getheight(video_t* video);
int32_t video_getpitch(video_t* video);
int32_t video_getscaling(video_t* video);
int32_t video_setmode(video_t* video);
void video_release(video_t* video);
bool video_set_gamma(video_t* video, const char *filename);
void video_close(video_t*);
uint32_t* video_lock(video_t* video);
buffer_properties_t* video_get_buffer_properties(video_t* video);
void video_unlock(video_t* video);