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  1. 02eedde Fix callback handling in haptic button generator by Sean O'Brien · 7 weeks ago factory-14778.B factory-firmware-ti50-guc-14778.B main release-R102-14695.B release-R103-14816.B stabilize-14682.B stabilize-14771.B stabilize-14790.B stabilize-14803.B stabilize-14839.B
  2. 6174d12 Dynamically adjust force threshold for haptic buttons by Sean O'Brien · 8 weeks ago
  3. 34d9211 Remove physical click delay for haptic touchpads by Sean O'Brien · 8 weeks ago
  4. a007773 gestures: Fix another zero-sized array error by Manoj Gupta · 3 months ago factory-guybrush-14600.B stabilize-14588.14.B stabilize-14589.B stabilize-14616.B stabilize-14633.B stabilize-voshyr-14637.B
  5. 2f22e1b gestures: Fix another zero array size error in ubsan by Manoj Gupta · 3 months ago
  6. 7c475ef gestures: Fix a ubsan error by Manoj Gupta · 3 months ago
  7. a492590 Haptic: update click force thresholds by Sean O'Brien · 3 months ago
  8. 403c098 Haptic: Suppress button release during movement by Sean O'Brien · 3 months ago stabilize-14536.B
  9. d5401fd Haptic: Prevent click during multi-finger gestures by Sean O'Brien · 3 months ago
  10. 3cf4a80 Haptic: Use only one finger for force threshold by Sean O'Brien · 3 months ago
  11. 27ce736 Turn box filter off by default. by Kenneth Albanowski · 7 months ago factory-brya-14517.B factory-cherry-14455.B factory-kukui-14374.B firmware-brya-14505.B firmware-cherry-14454.B firmware-guybrush-14500.B release-R97-14324.B release-R98-14388.B release-R99-14469.B stabilize-14312.B stabilize-14321.B stabilize-14324.13.B stabilize-14324.41.B stabilize-14324.62.B stabilize-14324.72.B stabilize-14333.B stabilize-14336.B stabilize-14345.B stabilize-14385.B stabilize-14388.52.B stabilize-14388.61.B stabilize-14388.62.B stabilize-14395.B stabilize-14396.B stabilize-14411.B stabilize-14438.B stabilize-14442.B stabilize-14469.41.B stabilize-14469.58.B stabilize-14469.8.B stabilize-14469.9.B stabilize-14477.B stabilize-14496.B stabilize-14498.B stabilize-14528.B stabilize-14532.B stabilize-wristpin-14469.59.B
  12. 618f8cf Gate haptic touchpad behavior behind gesture props by Sean O'Brien · 7 months ago
  13. 34334e3 Handle button state for haptic touchpads by Sean O'Brien · 7 months ago
  14. bc11e9b tools: update baseline for regression testing by Harry Cutts · 10 months ago factory-14162.B factory-ambassador-14265.B factory-keeby-14162.B firmware-chameleon-14280.B firmware-cr50-stab-14294.B firmware-cr50-stab-mp-14300.B release-R94-14150.B stabilize-14149.B stabilize-14150.376.B stabilize-14150.43.B stabilize-14150.64.B stabilize-14150.74.B stabilize-14151.B stabilize-14163.B stabilize-14178.B stabilize-14179.B stabilize-14189.B stabilize-14217.B stabilize-14235.B stabilize-14238.B stabilize-14249.B stabilize-14267.B stabilize-14285.B stabilize-rust-14220.B stabilize-rust-14224.B stabilize-rust-14225.B
  15. eb66896 tools: fix regression test after libevdev rename by Harry Cutts · 10 months ago
  16. 0f66f2b Replace some of adlr@'s TODOs with a bug link by Harry Cutts · 11 months ago firmware-keeby-14119.B release-R93-14092.B stabilize-14057.B stabilize-14092.57.B stabilize-14092.66.B stabilize-14093.B stabilize-14094.B stabilize-14106.B stabilize-RUST-14057.B
  17. d673182 Re-enable event logging when a gesture prop is set by Harry Cutts · 1 year, 1 month ago factory-asurada-13929.B factory-strongbad-13963.B release-R92-13982.B stabilize-13935.B stabilize-13942.B stabilize-13970.B stabilize-13971.B stabilize-13974.B stabilize-13982.51.B stabilize-13982.60.B stabilize-13982.69.B stabilize-13982.70.B stabilize-13982.82.B stabilize-13982.88.B stabilize-13983.B stabilize-14013.B stabilize-14023.B stabilize-14026.B stabilize-14029.B stabilize-14031.B stabilize-RUST-13932.B
  18. 1ab35cb Disable gesture logging by Harry Cutts · 1 year, 1 month ago
  19. 9c61283 Link to touchtests install docs in presubmit by Harry Cutts · 1 year, 2 months ago firmware-asurada-13885.B firmware-quiche-13883.B stabilize-13895.B stabilize-coil-13902.B stabilize-glibc-13901.B
  20. 0b3bf22 Modified zero click filtering to allow separate buttons to work. by Pete Brown · 1 year, 2 months ago