glbench: add additional texture types to the texture upload tests

glbench already has a set of texture upload tests that vary the texture
size, API used for upload, and test different texture use cases

The texture format used by all of these tests, however, is GL_LUMINANCE,
which is an 8-bit-per-texel format.

In reality, however, Chrome uses several other texture types much more
often than 8-bit, in particular the 32-bit (RGBA/BGRA) formats.  At least
on some drivers, the 32-bit and 8-bit texture upload take significantly
different code paths with different performance characteristics, as do the
different component orderings.
Therefore, there is value in benchmarking all of the texture formats.

Note: this patch is much scarier than it appears because it changes the
names of the image files by inserting a 'format' is between test case and
gl command:

Signed-off-by: Daniel Kurtz <>

TEST=test_that graphics_GLBench

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