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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Package comm contains trace_replay application host <-> guest communication protocol structures.
package comm
const (
// TestResultSuccess means all the tests in a test group were completed successfully
TestResultSuccess = "Success"
// TestResultFailure means one or several tests in the group encountered a failure
TestResultFailure = "Failure"
// ProtocolVersion defines the current version of the communication protocol
ProtocolVersion = 1
// TestFlagDefault is used to select the default replay mode
TestFlagDefault = "default"
// TestFlagSurfaceless is used to select the surfaceless replay mode
TestFlagSurfaceless = "surfaceless"
// VersionInfo is used as a container for the protocol version information
type VersionInfo struct {
ProtocolVersion uint32 `json:"ProtocolVersion,string"`
// ProxyServerInfo is used as a container for a proxy server information
type ProxyServerInfo struct {
URL string `json:"URL"`
// RepositoryInfo is used as a container for the information about GC storage repository
type RepositoryInfo struct {
RootURL string `json:"RootURL"`
Version uint32 `json:"Version,string"`
// SystemInfo is used as a container for the host related information
type SystemInfo struct {
Board string `json:"Board"`
Chipset string `json:"Chipset"`
Model string `json:"Model"`
ChromeOSVersion string `json:"ChromeOSVersion"`
// TestGroupConfig struct is a part of host->guest communication protocol and it used
// to define a trace replay test group configuration as well as a container to deliver
// the required host environment related information inside the guest
type TestGroupConfig struct {
Labels []string `json:"Labels"`
Flags []string `json:"Flags"`
Repository RepositoryInfo `json:"Repository"`
Host SystemInfo `json:"Host"`
ProxyServer ProxyServerInfo `json:"ProxyServer"`
Timeout uint32 `json:"Timeout,string"`
ExtendedDuration uint32 `json:"ExtendedDuration,string"`
// ValueEntry struct contains the result metrics for one trace replay test
type ValueEntry struct {
Unit string `json:"Unit"`
Direction int32 `json:"Direction,string"`
Value float32 `json:"Value,string"`
// TestEntryResult struct contains the result of one TestEntry
type TestEntryResult struct {
Name string `json:"Name"`
Result string `json:"Result"`
Message string `json:"Message"`
Values map[string]ValueEntry `json:"Values"`
// TestGroupResult struct is a part of guest->host communication protocol and it carries
// the test results for a whole test group
type TestGroupResult struct {
Result string `json:"Result"`
Message string `json:"Message"`
Entries []TestEntryResult `json:"Entries"`