ffmpeg_md5sum is a wrapper around ffmpeg that generates MD5 sums from decoding for each frame of the input video, and processes that (annotated) output to output one hash per line.


The wrapper accepts the following arguments:

  • video: path to video to decode
  • flags: additional flags to pass to ffmpeg. For flags whose specification relies on space separation, order matters, and pass each token individually, i.e. pass --flags -hwaccel --flags vaapi to the wrapper in order to pass -hwaccel vaapi to ffmpeg.


The arguments to ffmpeg that this wrapper pre-populates are -hide_banner -loglevel verbose -vf format=pix_fmts=yuv420p -f framemd5 -, which output MD5 sums to the stdout.

Build and deploy

(inside) emerge-$BOARD graphics-utils-go
(inside) cros deploy $DUT graphics-utils-go
(dut) /usr/local/graphics/ffmpeg_md5sum --video=<video path> --flags=-hwaccel --flags=vaapi
(inside) tast run $DUT video.PlatformDecoding.ffmpeg*

Additional notes

The wrapper is expected to output only MD5 sums, one per line, on success. Logs should be printed to stderr.

The wrapper expects ffmpeg to output any number of header (hash-prefixed) lines, followed by space-separated lines, one per frame, in which the last token is the MD5 hash. Any modifications to the ffmpeg flags the wrapper passes should maintain this format.