periodic_scheduler: tweak logging style slightly

The current log output looks like:
2014-05-19T14:23:28.824566-04:00 localhost periodic_scheduler: running /sbin/crash_sender for crash_sender
2014-05-19T14:23:28.827682-04:00 localhost periodic_scheduler: crash_sender completed

The new output is more consistent:
2014-05-19T14:23:28.824566-04:00 localhost periodic_scheduler: crash_sender: running /sbin/crash_sender
2014-05-19T14:23:28.827682-04:00 localhost periodic_scheduler: crash_sender: job completed

TEST=ran it

Change-Id: I0a542d63c15c5c3a9d10683f424b2190c983269d
Reviewed-by: Gaurav Shah <>
Commit-Queue: Mike Frysinger <>
Tested-by: Mike Frysinger <>
diff --git a/periodic_scheduler b/periodic_scheduler
index 1bdc398..e17a478 100755
--- a/periodic_scheduler
+++ b/periodic_scheduler
@@ -60,10 +60,10 @@
       # At this point, all background processes should be dead.
       # We don't actually care about the result though.
       wait || true
-      log "running $* for ${name}"
+      log "${name}: running $*"
         timeout -k ${CHECK_DELAY} sh -c '"$@"' -- "$@" || true
-        log "${name} completed"
+        log "${name}: job completed"
       ) &