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Developer Console
To return to the browser, press:
[ Ctrl ] and [ Alt ] and [ <- ] (F1)
To use this console, the developer mode switch must be engaged.
Doing so will destroy any saved data on the system.
In developer mode, it is possible to
- login and sudo as user 'chronos'
- require a password for sudo and login(*)
- disable power management behavior (screen dimming):
sudo initctl stop powerd
- install your own operating system image!
* To set a password for 'chronos', run the following as root:
echo "chronos:$(openssl passwd -1)" > /mnt/stateful_partition/etc/devmode.passwd
If you are having trouble booting a self-signed kernel, you may need to
install the developer firmware. To do so, run the following as root:
chromeos-firmwareupdate --mode=todev
Have fun and send patches!