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# Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
description "Chrome OS user interface"
author ""
# Note, this line is modified by chromeos-factoryinstall.ebuild
# and mod_for_factory. Please do not change without also changing
# those references.
start on stopping startup
stop on starting halt or starting reboot
respawn limit 3 10 # if the job respawns 3 times in 10 seconds, stop trying.
limit nice 20 20 # Enables chrome to renice background tabs
# Uncomment line below to output to VT02
#console output
# Directory where Chrome logs are written and prefix of files there.
env CHROME_LOG_DIR=/var/log/chrome
# Directory where session manager logs are written and prefix of files there.
env UI_LOG_DIR=/var/log/ui
pre-start script
mkdir -p "$X_SOCKET_DIR" "$X_ICE_DIR"
chown root:root "$X_SOCKET_DIR" "$X_ICE_DIR"
chmod 1777 "$X_SOCKET_DIR" "$X_ICE_DIR"
# XKB writes keymaps here; otherwise things like Ctrl-Alt-Fx VT switching
# don't work.
mkdir -p /var/lib/xkb
# Make sure we we can easily track UI state.
rm -rf /var/run/state/
mkdir -p /var/run/state
# Ensure the existence of the directory in which the whitelist and other
# Ownership-related state will live. Yes, it should be owned by root.
# The permissions are set such that the chronos user can see the content
# of known files inside whitelist, but not anything else.
mkdir -m 0710 -p /var/lib/whitelist
chown root:chronos /var/lib/whitelist
# Enable us to keep track of the user's chosen TZ.
# Default to Pacific timezone if we don't have one set
if [ ! -f "${TIMEZONE_FILE}" ]; then
mkdir -p ${TIMEZONE_DIR}
ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Pacific ${TIMEZONE_FILE}
chown -R chronos:chronos ${TIMEZONE_DIR}
# Create a directory that the window manager (running as "chronos") can
# write to.
mkdir -p /var/run/state/windowmanager
chown chronos:chronos /var/run/state/windowmanager
end script # pre-start
mkdir -p "${CHROME_LOG_DIR}"
chown chronos:chronos "${CHROME_LOG_DIR}"
mkdir -p "${UI_LOG_DIR}"
UI_LOG_FILE="${UI_LOG_DIR}/${UI_LOG_PREFIX}.$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)"
ln -sf $(basename "${UI_LOG_FILE}") "${UI_LOG_DIR}/${UI_LOG_PREFIX}.LATEST"
exec /sbin/ >"${UI_LOG_FILE}" 2>&1
end script
post-stop script
bootstat ui-post-stop
set +e
. /sbin/killers
# Kill X first; we want the window manager to be running up until the point
# where X dies (see
term_process "^X$"
bootstat x-terminated
# Terminate any processes with files open on the mount point
# TODO(wad) parallelize with VFS/PID namespaces.
kill_with_open_files_on /home/chronos/user
# Make sure everything is going down. No exceptions.
pkill -9 -U chronos
pkill -9 -u chronos
bootstat other-processes-terminated
/usr/sbin/cryptohome --action=unmount
bootstat cryptohome-unmounted
# Copy boot/logout stats since /tmp will be deleted at machine shutdown.
# TODO(satorux): Fix this code not to rely on the implementation details
# of bootstat and Ignore errors in copying files.
mkdir -p /home/chronos/prev_stats
cp -f /tmp/uptime-* /tmp/*-times-* /home/chronos/prev_stats || true
end script