Create /var/cache/shared_extensions for installed shared extensions

This directory needs to be writable by Chrome process because
Chrome will manage content of the directory. Integrity checking
will be done by Chrome using iextensions::ContentVerifier. Installation
sharing is off default now (controlled by Chrome flag that will not be
exposed in about:flags until feature fully implemented).


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Reviewed-by: Dmitry Polukhin <>
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diff --git a/init/ui.conf b/init/ui.conf
index 72b98f1..b2dae97 100644
--- a/init/ui.conf
+++ b/init/ui.conf
@@ -90,6 +90,12 @@
   mkdir -m 0700 -p /var/cache/device_local_account_extensions
   chown chronos:chronos /var/cache/device_local_account_extensions
+  # Create the directory for shared installed extensions.
+  # Shared extensions are validated at runtime by the browser.
+  # These extensions are read and written by chronos.
+  mkdir -m 0700 -p /var/cache/shared_extensions
+  chown chronos:chronos /var/cache/shared_extensions
   # Enable us to keep track of the user's chosen TZ.
   # Default to Pacific timezone if we don't have one set