Revert "minigbm: define GBM_BO_IMPORT_FD_MODIFIER"

This reverts commit bc667c3ef6f3cc739406bc008341bd4505c1b51f.

Reason for revert: This change might cause

Original change's description:
> minigbm: define GBM_BO_IMPORT_FD_MODIFIER
> This CL aligns the minigbm more with the upstream GBM
> by defining GBM_BO_IMPORT_FD_MODIFIER and using
> gbm_import_fd_modifier_data instead.
> That is, the main difference between the old
> gbm_import_fd_planar_data one and the new one is
> the format_modifiers variable. In the upstream
> GBM, it's a single variable. In the minigbm, it is
> an array.
> As we know there are no cases when modifiers would
> be different for each plane. Thus, it's safe to eliminate
> that and adapt more to the upstream.
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