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import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { MobmonitorRpcService } from '../services/mobmonitor-rpc.service';
import { HealthCheck } from '../shared/health-check';
import { Action } from '../shared/action';
selector: 'mob-health-checks',
templateUrl: './health-checks.component.html',
styleUrls: ['./health-checks.component.scss']
export class HealthChecksComponent implements OnInit {
private healthChecks: HealthCheck[];
constructor(private rpc: MobmonitorRpcService) { }
ngOnInit() {
value => this.healthChecks = value,
error => {} // can't really do anything with the error
// the app component will notify user of lost connection
Get the label that will be printed for a given healthcheck status
@param healthCheck the healthcheck to get a label for
@return a label for the current status of the healthcheck
getHealthCheckLabel(healthCheck: HealthCheck): string {
switch ( {
case 'unhealthy':
return 'not healthy';
case 'warning':
return 'healthy with warnings';
case 'healthy':
Construct an array of action objects from the healthcheck
@param healthCheck the healthcheck to extract actions from
@param checkName the specific check to extract actions for, this is the
Action.healthCheck value
@return an array of Actions that are available for the specified check
getActionsForCheck(healthCheck: HealthCheck, checkName: string): Action[] {
const check = healthCheck.errors.filter(c => === checkName)[0];
if (check) {
const actions = [];
for (const action of check.actions) {
service: healthCheck.service,
return actions;
return [];