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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Repair actions for moblab health checks."""
from __future__ import print_function
import common
import os
import re
from util import osutils
class AbstractAction:
action = 'AbstractAction'
info = """An abstract action that needs to be implemented
param_info = {}
def run(self, params):
# Disk actions.
class MountUsb(AbstractAction):
action = 'Mount USB'
info = """Mount the USB device."""
param_info = {}
def __init__(self, device):
self.device = device
def run(self, params):
# Unmount |device| as it may already be mounted in the wrong location.
['umount', self.device], error_code_ok=True)
# Mount |device| in the correct location.
cmd = ['mount', self.device, common.MOBLAB_MOUNTPOINT, '-o',
class ClearOldDbRecords(AbstractAction):
action = 'Clear Old DB Records'
info = """Delete older database records."""
param_info = {
'date': ("Format 'yyyy-mm-dd'. "
'We keep records that are newer than the given date.')
def run(self, params):
cmd = ['/usr/local/autotest/contrib/', params['date']]
class ClearLogs(AbstractAction):
action = 'Clear Logs'
info = """Deletes old log files."""
param_info = {}
def run(self, params):
logdir = '/var/log'
oldlog = r'^.*\.[0-9]+$'
files_to_remove = []
for curdir, _, files in os.walk(logdir):
for f in files:
if re.match(oldlog, f):
files_to_remove.append(os.path.join(curdir, f))
if files_to_remove:
cmd = ['rm'] + files_to_remove
# Upstart service actions.
class LaunchUpstartService(AbstractAction):
action = 'Launch Upstart Service'
info = """Launch the upstart service."""
param_info = {}
def __init__(self, service):
self.service = service
def run(self, params):
cmd = ['start', self.service]
class RepairBaseContainer(AbstractAction):
action = 'Repair Base Container'
info = """Redownload and reinstall the base lxc container (about 400MB)"""
param_info = {}
def run(self, params):
rebuild_container = \
['python', '/usr/local/autotest/site_utils/', '-s', '-f']
init = ['start', 'moblab-base-container-init']