Fix null pointer dereferences

This CL fixes two null pointer dereferences:

- The first occurs in memory_spd_dump_cmd, which calls new_spd_device
  without checking if intf->cb->memory->spd is non-null and
  new_spd_device directly calls that function.

- The second happens because the read_ram_code function in
  platform/google/gru/memory.c caches whether or not it has already run
  but not what the return code for the previous run was.  This means
  that if an error occurred during the first call, the global variables
  would not be set but subsequent calls would return success, which
  would cause the calling code to dereference a null pointer if it
  attempted to access gru_mem_info.

TEST=run 'mosys memory spd dump 0' and 'mosys memory spd print all' and
     see that they no longer crash.

Change-Id: I1592e9aa92a08069bc38b99ffc46ee7ef67c5522
Signed-off-by: Chirantan Ekbote <>
Reviewed-by: David Hendricks <>
2 files changed