pd: Add command to get PD chip information

Add a sub-command to the pd command to print PD chip information.
This command gets chip information from non-cros PD chips (e.g.
ANX74xx, PS8751, etc.).

TEST=On Electro, run mosys as follows:
localhost ~ # /tmp/mosys -l pd chip
usage: chip <port>
localhost ~ # /tmp/mosys -l pd chip 0
vendor_id            | 0xaaaa
product_id           | 0x3429
device_id            | 0xad
fw_version           | 0x15
localhost ~ # /tmp/mosys -l pd chip 1
vendor_id            | 0x1da0
product_id           | 0x8751
device_id            | 0x1
fw_version           | 0x37

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