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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <atomic>
#include <string>
#include <string_view>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/containers/span.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/functional/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_refptr.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "components/reporting/proto/synced/record_constants.pb.h"
#include "components/reporting/resources/resource_manager.h"
namespace reporting {
using GenerationGuid = std::string;
using DMtoken = std::string;
inline constexpr char kDeviceDMToken[] = "";
// Forward declaration.
class QueueOptions;
// Storage options class allowing to set parameters individually, e.g.:
// Storage::Create(Options()
// .set_directory("/var/cache/reporting")
// .set_max_record_size(4 * 1024u)
// .set_max_total_files_size(64 * 1024u * 1024u)
// .set_max_total_memory_size(256 * 1024u),
// ...}
// callback);
class StorageOptions {
// Default period for Storage to check for encryption key.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kDefaultKeyCheckPeriod = base::Seconds(1);
// Default delay until unused queue is garbage collected.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kDefaultQueueGarbageCollectionPeriod =
using QueuesOptionsList = std::vector<std::pair<Priority, QueueOptions>>;
// Multi-generation state of priorities.
// Declared as refcounted object in order to kep single instance over all
// cases of Options copying.
class MultiGenerational
: public base::RefCountedThreadSafe<MultiGenerational> {
MultiGenerational(const MultiGenerational&) = delete;
MultiGenerational& operator=(const MultiGenerational&) = delete;
// Retrieve the flag.
bool get(Priority priority) const;
// Atomically set the flag.
void set(Priority priority, bool state);
friend base::RefCountedThreadSafe<MultiGenerational>;
~MultiGenerational() = default;
// At counstruction all Priorities settings are set to 'false'.
std::array<std::atomic<bool>, Priority_ARRAYSIZE> is_multi_generational_;
// Constructor. `modify_queue_options_for_tests` callback allows to adjust
// queue options (used in tests only, Set to DoNothing in prod).
explicit StorageOptions(base::RepeatingCallback<void(Priority, QueueOptions&)>
modify_queue_options_for_tests =
StorageOptions(const StorageOptions& options);
StorageOptions& operator=(const StorageOptions& options) = delete;
virtual ~StorageOptions();
StorageOptions& set_directory(const base::FilePath& directory) {
directory_ = directory;
return *this;
// Generates queue options based on a given priority.
// Calls `modify_queue_options_for_tests_` before returning (for tests only).
QueueOptions ProduceQueueOptions(Priority priority) const;
// Generates list queue options. One QueueOption for each priority, in order
// of priorities. Used when enumerating storage queue directories only.
QueuesOptionsList ProduceQueuesOptionsList() const;
// Exposes priorities in order.
static base::span<const Priority> GetPrioritiesOrder();
StorageOptions& set_signature_verification_public_key(
std::string_view signature_verification_public_key) {
signature_verification_public_key_ =
return *this;
StorageOptions& set_max_record_size(size_t max_record_size) {
max_record_size_ = max_record_size;
return *this;
StorageOptions& set_max_total_files_size(uint64_t max_total_files_size) {
disk_space_resource_ =
return *this;
StorageOptions& set_max_total_memory_size(uint64_t max_total_memory_size) {
memory_resource_ =
return *this;
StorageOptions& set_key_check_period(base::TimeDelta key_check_period) {
key_check_period_ = key_check_period;
return *this;
StorageOptions& set_inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay(
base::TimeDelta inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay) {
inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay_ = inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay;
return *this;
const base::FilePath& directory() const { return directory_; }
std::string_view signature_verification_public_key() const {
return signature_verification_public_key_;
size_t max_record_size() const { return max_record_size_; }
bool is_multi_generational(Priority priority) const {
return is_multi_generational_->get(priority);
void set_multi_generational(Priority priority, bool state) const {
is_multi_generational_->set(priority, state);
uint64_t max_total_files_size() const {
return disk_space_resource_->GetTotal();
uint64_t max_total_memory_size() const {
return memory_resource_->GetTotal();
scoped_refptr<ResourceManager> disk_space_resource() const {
return disk_space_resource_.get();
scoped_refptr<ResourceManager> memory_resource() const {
return memory_resource_;
base::TimeDelta key_check_period() const { return key_check_period_; }
base::TimeDelta inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay() const {
return inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay_;
// Populates queue options for the given priority.
QueueOptions PopulateQueueOptions(Priority priority) const;
// Subdirectory of the location assigned for this Storage.
base::FilePath directory_;
// Public key for signature verification when encryption key
// is delivered to Storage.
std::string signature_verification_public_key_;
// Frequency with which Storage will check to see if a new encryption key
// should be requested.
base::TimeDelta key_check_period_;
// Delay until inactive queue self-destruct.
base::TimeDelta inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay_ =
// Maximum record size.
size_t max_record_size_ = 1U * 1024UL * 1024UL; // 1 MiB
// Map of atomic flags indicating whether each priority is set to
// multi-generation or single-generation (legacy) action. The map is
// constructed once and then only the values of the flags can change.
const scoped_refptr<MultiGenerational> is_multi_generational_;
// Resources managements.
scoped_refptr<ResourceManager> memory_resource_;
scoped_refptr<ResourceManager> disk_space_resource_;
// Callback that can adjust queue options (used in tests only).
const base::RepeatingCallback<void(Priority, QueueOptions&)>
// Single queue options class allowing to set parameters individually, e.g.:
// StorageQueue::Create(QueueOptions(storage_options)
// .set_subdirectory("reporting")
// .set_file_prefix(FILE_PATH_LITERAL("p00000001")),
// callback);
// storage_options must outlive QueueOptions.
class QueueOptions {
explicit QueueOptions(const StorageOptions& storage_options);
QueueOptions(const QueueOptions& options);
QueueOptions& operator=(const QueueOptions& options) = delete;
QueueOptions& set_subdirectory(
const base::FilePath::StringType& subdirectory) {
directory_ =;
return *this;
QueueOptions& set_subdirectory_extension(std::string_view extension) {
directory_ = directory_.AddExtensionASCII(extension);
return *this;
QueueOptions& set_file_prefix(const base::FilePath::StringType& file_prefix) {
file_prefix_ = file_prefix;
return *this;
QueueOptions& set_upload_period(base::TimeDelta upload_period) {
upload_period_ = upload_period;
return *this;
QueueOptions& set_upload_retry_delay(base::TimeDelta upload_retry_delay) {
upload_retry_delay_ = upload_retry_delay;
return *this;
QueueOptions& set_max_single_file_size(uint64_t max_single_file_size) {
max_single_file_size_ = max_single_file_size;
return *this;
QueueOptions& set_can_shed_records(bool can_shed_records) {
can_shed_records_ = can_shed_records;
return *this;
const base::FilePath& directory() const { return directory_; }
const base::FilePath::StringType& file_prefix() const { return file_prefix_; }
size_t max_record_size() const { return storage_options_.max_record_size(); }
size_t max_total_files_size() const {
return storage_options_.max_total_files_size();
size_t max_total_memory_size() const {
return storage_options_.max_total_memory_size();
uint64_t max_single_file_size() const { return max_single_file_size_; }
base::TimeDelta upload_period() const { return upload_period_; }
base::TimeDelta upload_retry_delay() const { return upload_retry_delay_; }
base::TimeDelta inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay() const {
return storage_options_.inactive_queue_self_destruct_delay();
bool can_shed_records() const { return can_shed_records_; }
scoped_refptr<ResourceManager> disk_space_resource() const {
return storage_options_.disk_space_resource();
scoped_refptr<ResourceManager> memory_resource() const {
return storage_options_.memory_resource();
// Whole storage options, which this queue options are based on.
const StorageOptions storage_options_;
// Subdirectory of the Storage location assigned for this StorageQueue.
base::FilePath directory_;
// Prefix of data files assigned for this StorageQueue.
base::FilePath::StringType file_prefix_;
// Time period the data is uploaded with.
// If 0, uploaded immediately after a new record is stored
// (this setting is intended for the immediate priority).
// Can be set to infinity - in that case Flush() is expected to be
// called from time to time.
base::TimeDelta upload_period_;
// Retry delay for a failed upload. If 0, not retried at all
// (should only be set to 0 in periodic queues).
base::TimeDelta upload_retry_delay_;
// Does the queue have the ability to perform a record shedding process on
// itself. Only SECURITY can't shed.
bool can_shed_records_ = true;
// Cut-off file size of an individual queue
// When file exceeds this size, the new file is created
// for further records. Note that each file must have at least
// one record before it is closed, regardless of that record size.
uint64_t max_single_file_size_ = 2UL * 1024UL * 1024UL;
} // namespace reporting