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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SHILL_GLIB_H_
#define SHILL_GLIB_H_
#include <string>
#include <gio/gio.h>
#include <glib.h>
namespace shill {
// A GLib abstraction allowing GLib mocking in tests.
class GLib {
virtual ~GLib();
// Converts GLib's |error| to a string message and frees the GError object.
virtual std::string ConvertErrorToMessage(GError *error);
// g_base64_decode
virtual guchar *Base64Decode(const gchar *text, gsize *out_len);
// g_base64_encode
virtual gchar *Base64Encode(const guchar *data, gsize len);
// g_bus_unwatch_name
virtual void BusUnwatchName(guint watcher_id);
// g_bus_watch_name
virtual guint BusWatchName(GBusType bus_type,
const gchar *name,
GBusNameWatcherFlags flags,
GBusNameAppearedCallback name_appeared_handler,
GBusNameVanishedCallback name_vanished_handler,
gpointer user_data,
GDestroyNotify user_data_free_func);
// g_child_watch_add
virtual guint ChildWatchAdd(GPid pid,
GChildWatchFunc function,
gpointer data);
// g_free
virtual void Free(gpointer mem);
// g_key_file_free
virtual void KeyFileFree(GKeyFile *key_file);
// g_key_file_get_boolean
virtual gboolean KeyFileGetBoolean(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
GError **error);
// g_key_file_get_groups
virtual gchar **KeyFileGetGroups(GKeyFile *key_file,
gsize *length);
// g_key_file_get_integer
virtual gint KeyFileGetInteger(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
GError **error);
// g_key_file_get_string
virtual gchar *KeyFileGetString(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
GError **error);
// g_key_file_get_string_list
virtual gchar **KeyFileGetStringList(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
gsize *length,
GError **error);
// g_key_file_has_group
virtual gboolean KeyFileHasGroup(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name);
// g_key_file_load_from_file
virtual gboolean KeyFileLoadFromFile(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *file,
GKeyFileFlags flags,
GError **error);
// g_key_file_new
virtual GKeyFile *KeyFileNew();
// g_key_file_remove_group
virtual void KeyFileRemoveGroup(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
GError **error);
// g_key_file_remove_key
virtual void KeyFileRemoveKey(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
GError **error);
// g_key_file_set_boolean
virtual void KeyFileSetBoolean(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
gboolean value);
// g_key_file_set_integer
virtual void KeyFileSetInteger(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
gint value);
// g_key_file_set_string
virtual void KeyFileSetString(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
const gchar *string);
// g_key_file_set_string_list
virtual void KeyFileSetStringList(GKeyFile *key_file,
const gchar *group_name,
const gchar *key,
const gchar * const list[],
gsize length);
// g_key_file_to_data
virtual gchar *KeyFileToData(GKeyFile *key_file,
gsize *length,
GError **error);
// g_source_remove
virtual gboolean SourceRemove(guint tag);
// g_spawn_async
virtual gboolean SpawnAsync(const gchar *working_directory,
gchar **argv,
gchar **envp,
GSpawnFlags flags,
GSpawnChildSetupFunc child_setup,
gpointer user_data,
GPid *child_pid,
GError **error);
// g_spawn_close_pid
virtual void SpawnClosePID(GPid pid);
// g_strfreev
virtual void Strfreev(gchar **str_array);
// g_type_init
virtual void TypeInit();
} // namespace shill
#endif // SHILL_GLIB_H_