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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include "types.h"
namespace suggest {
class SuggestEngine;
class SuggestEngineSession;
// Description of a key.
// The coordinate system can be chosen by the user of this library,
// but keep in mind that all calculations are made in integer arithmetics.
// the rectangle is defined as location of the top left corner and size.
struct Key {
Key() {}
Key(vec2f location, vec2f size, charcode _code) :
rect(location, size), code(_code) {
rect2f rect;
charcode code;
static Key InvalidKey;
// A single word suggestion including confidences
struct Suggestion {
std::string word;
int frequency;
int commit_first_word_confidence;
// Next to the coordinates of a touch, suggest needs to know which
// character your keyboard recognized and displays to the users.
struct Touch {
Touch() {}
Touch(vec2f pos, charcode code);
// create touch based on location only. Looks up which key is
// at this location.
Touch(vec2f pos, const SuggestEngine& engine);
// create a touch based on char code, assumes the key is hit right at
// the center.
Touch(charcode code, const SuggestEngine& engine);
vec2f pos;
charcode code;
// Parameters to tweak the suggestion process.
// The list of parameters might change during iterations of the
// library, but the constructor will always choose sane default values.
// The provided locale name will be used to pick the right dictionary
// from /usr/share/libsuggest/
struct SuggestParameters {
SuggestParameters(std::string locale);
vec2f grid_cells;
float search_box_size_factor;
std::string locale;
// I am not 100% sure what the session concept in AOSP is used for,
// so far I have been using a single session for all suggestions.
// The session allows you to receive suggestions based on a list
// of touch coordinates and (optional) the previously typed word.
class SuggestSession {
virtual const std::list<Suggestion>& GetSuggestions(
const std::vector<Touch> &touches,
std::string previous_word="") = 0;
// Main class of the suggestion process, which builds the keyboard definition
// and allows suggest sessions to be created with this keyboard.
class SuggestEngine {
virtual Key GetKeyAt(vec2f pos) const = 0;
virtual Key GetKey(charcode code) const = 0;
// start a new session
virtual bool LoadDictionary(std::string locale) = 0;
virtual SuggestSession* NewSession() = 0;
// To hide the implementation details of the SuggestEngine class
// (especially for hiding the AOSP API)
SuggestEngine* NewSuggestEngine(vec2f keyboard_size, vec2f common_key_size,
const std::vector<Key> &keylist,
const SuggestParameters &parameters);
} // namespace suggest