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* Copyright (C) 2012 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <cstring> // for memset()
#include <vector>
#include "defines.h"
#include "suggest/core/layout/proximity_info_params.h"
#include "suggest/core/layout/proximity_info_state_utils.h"
#include "utils/hash_map_compat.h"
namespace latinime {
class ProximityInfo;
class ProximityInfoState {
// Defined in proximity_info_state.cpp //
void initInputParams(const int pointerId, const float maxPointToKeyLength,
const ProximityInfo *proximityInfo, const int *const inputCodes,
const int inputSize, const int *xCoordinates, const int *yCoordinates,
const int *const times, const int *const pointerIds, const bool isGeometric);
// Defined here //
AK_FORCE_INLINE ProximityInfoState()
: mProximityInfo(0), mMaxPointToKeyLength(0.0f), mAverageSpeed(0.0f),
mHasTouchPositionCorrectionData(false), mMostCommonKeyWidthSquare(0),
mKeyCount(0), mCellHeight(0), mCellWidth(0), mGridHeight(0), mGridWidth(0),
mIsContinuousSuggestionPossible(false), mHasBeenUpdatedByGeometricInput(false),
mSampledInputXs(), mSampledInputYs(), mSampledTimes(), mSampledInputIndice(),
mSampledLengthCache(), mBeelineSpeedPercentiles(),
mSampledNormalizedSquaredLengthCache(), mSpeedRates(), mDirections(),
mCharProbabilities(), mSampledNearKeySets(), mSampledSearchKeySets(),
mSampledSearchKeyVectors(), mTouchPositionCorrectionEnabled(false),
mSampledInputSize(0), mMostProbableStringProbability(0.0f) {
memset(mInputProximities, 0, sizeof(mInputProximities));
memset(mPrimaryInputWord, 0, sizeof(mPrimaryInputWord));
memset(mMostProbableString, 0, sizeof(mMostProbableString));
// Non virtual inline destructor -- never inherit this class
AK_FORCE_INLINE ~ProximityInfoState() {}
inline int getPrimaryCodePointAt(const int index) const {
return getProximityCodePointsAt(index)[0];
inline bool sameAsTyped(const int *word, int length) const {
if (length != mSampledInputSize) {
return false;
const int *inputProximities = mInputProximities;
while (length--) {
if (*inputProximities != *word) {
return false;
inputProximities += MAX_PROXIMITY_CHARS_SIZE;
return true;
AK_FORCE_INLINE bool existsCodePointInProximityAt(const int index, const int c) const {
const int *codePoints = getProximityCodePointsAt(index);
int i = 0;
while (codePoints[i] > 0 && i < MAX_PROXIMITY_CHARS_SIZE) {
if (codePoints[i++] == c) {
return true;
return false;
AK_FORCE_INLINE bool existsAdjacentProximityChars(const int index) const {
if (index < 0 || index >= mSampledInputSize) return false;
const int currentCodePoint = getPrimaryCodePointAt(index);
const int leftIndex = index - 1;
if (leftIndex >= 0 && existsCodePointInProximityAt(leftIndex, currentCodePoint)) {
return true;
const int rightIndex = index + 1;
if (rightIndex < mSampledInputSize
&& existsCodePointInProximityAt(rightIndex, currentCodePoint)) {
return true;
return false;
inline const int *getPrimaryInputWord() const {
return mPrimaryInputWord;
inline bool touchPositionCorrectionEnabled() const {
return mTouchPositionCorrectionEnabled;
bool isUsed() const {
return mSampledInputSize > 0;
int size() const {
return mSampledInputSize;
int getInputX(const int index) const {
return mSampledInputXs[index];
int getInputY(const int index) const {
return mSampledInputYs[index];
int getInputIndexOfSampledPoint(const int sampledIndex) const {
return mSampledInputIndice[sampledIndex];
bool hasSpaceProximity(const int index) const;
int getLengthCache(const int index) const {
return mSampledLengthCache[index];
bool isContinuousSuggestionPossible() const {
return mIsContinuousSuggestionPossible;
// TODO: Rename s/Length/NormalizedSquaredLength/
float getPointToKeyByIdLength(const int inputIndex, const int keyId) const;
// TODO: Rename s/Length/NormalizedSquaredLength/
float getPointToKeyLength(const int inputIndex, const int codePoint) const;
ProximityType getProximityType(const int index, const int codePoint,
const bool checkProximityChars, int *proximityIndex = 0) const;
ProximityType getProximityTypeG(const int index, const int codePoint) const;
const std::vector<int> *getSearchKeyVector(const int index) const {
return &mSampledSearchKeyVectors[index];
float getSpeedRate(const int index) const {
return mSpeedRates[index];
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getBeelineSpeedPercentile(const int id) const {
return mBeelineSpeedPercentiles[id];
AK_FORCE_INLINE DoubleLetterLevel getDoubleLetterLevel(const int id) const {
const int beelineSpeedRate = getBeelineSpeedPercentile(id);
if (beelineSpeedRate == 0) {
} else if (beelineSpeedRate
} else {
float getDirection(const int index) const {
return mDirections[index];
// get xy direction
float getDirection(const int x, const int y) const;
float getMostProbableString(int *const codePointBuf) const;
float getProbability(const int index, const int charCode) const;
bool isKeyInSerchKeysAfterIndex(const int index, const int keyId) const;
inline const int *getProximityCodePointsAt(const int index) const {
return ProximityInfoStateUtils::getProximityCodePointsAt(mInputProximities, index);
// const
const ProximityInfo *mProximityInfo;
float mMaxPointToKeyLength;
float mAverageSpeed;
bool mHasTouchPositionCorrectionData;
int mMostCommonKeyWidthSquare;
int mKeyCount;
int mCellHeight;
int mCellWidth;
int mGridHeight;
int mGridWidth;
bool mIsContinuousSuggestionPossible;
bool mHasBeenUpdatedByGeometricInput;
std::vector<int> mSampledInputXs;
std::vector<int> mSampledInputYs;
std::vector<int> mSampledTimes;
std::vector<int> mSampledInputIndice;
std::vector<int> mSampledLengthCache;
std::vector<int> mBeelineSpeedPercentiles;
std::vector<float> mSampledNormalizedSquaredLengthCache;
std::vector<float> mSpeedRates;
std::vector<float> mDirections;
// probabilities of skipping or mapping to a key for each point.
std::vector<hash_map_compat<int, float> > mCharProbabilities;
// The vector for the key code set which holds nearby keys for each sampled input point
// 1. Used to calculate the probability of the key
// 2. Used to calculate mSampledSearchKeySets
std::vector<ProximityInfoStateUtils::NearKeycodesSet> mSampledNearKeySets;
// The vector for the key code set which holds nearby keys of some trailing sampled input points
// for each sampled input point. These nearby keys contain the next characters which can be in
// the dictionary. Specifically, currently we are looking for keys nearby trailing sampled
// inputs including the current input point.
std::vector<ProximityInfoStateUtils::NearKeycodesSet> mSampledSearchKeySets;
std::vector<std::vector<int> > mSampledSearchKeyVectors;
bool mTouchPositionCorrectionEnabled;
int mSampledInputSize;
int mPrimaryInputWord[MAX_WORD_LENGTH];
float mMostProbableStringProbability;
int mMostProbableString[MAX_WORD_LENGTH];
} // namespace latinime