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* Copyright (C) 2013, The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <stdint.h>
#include "defines.h"
#include "suggest/policyimpl/dictionary/dynamic_patricia_trie_reading_utils.h"
#include "suggest/policyimpl/dictionary/patricia_trie_reading_utils.h"
namespace latinime {
class BufferWithExtendableBuffer;
class DictionaryBigramsStructurePolicy;
class DictionaryShortcutsStructurePolicy;
* This class is used for helping to read nodes of dynamic patricia trie. This class handles moved
* node and reads node attributes.
class DynamicPatriciaTrieNodeReader {
DynamicPatriciaTrieNodeReader(const BufferWithExtendableBuffer *const buffer,
const DictionaryBigramsStructurePolicy *const bigramsPolicy,
const DictionaryShortcutsStructurePolicy *const shortcutsPolicy)
: mBuffer(buffer), mBigramsPolicy(bigramsPolicy),
mShortcutsPolicy(shortcutsPolicy), mHeadPos(NOT_A_DICT_POS), mFlags(0),
mParentPos(NOT_A_DICT_POS), mCodePointCount(0), mProbabilityFieldPos(NOT_A_DICT_POS),
mProbability(NOT_A_PROBABILITY), mChildrenPosFieldPos(NOT_A_DICT_POS),
mChildrenPos(NOT_A_DICT_POS), mBigramLinkedNodePos(NOT_A_DICT_POS),
mShortcutPos(NOT_A_DICT_POS), mBigramPos(NOT_A_DICT_POS),
mSiblingPos(NOT_A_DICT_POS) {}
~DynamicPatriciaTrieNodeReader() {}
// Reads PtNode information from dictionary buffer and updates members with the information.
AK_FORCE_INLINE void fetchNodeInfoInBufferFromPtNodePos(const int ptNodePos) {
fetchNodeInfoInBufferFromPtNodePosAndGetNodeCodePoints(ptNodePos ,
0 /* maxCodePointCount */, 0 /* outCodePoints */);
AK_FORCE_INLINE void fetchNodeInfoInBufferFromPtNodePosAndGetNodeCodePoints(
const int ptNodePos, const int maxCodePointCount, int *const outCodePoints) {
mSiblingPos = NOT_A_DICT_POS;
mBigramLinkedNodePos = NOT_A_DICT_POS;
fetchPtNodeInfoFromBufferAndProcessMovedPtNode(ptNodePos, maxCodePointCount, outCodePoints);
// HeadPos is different from NodePos when the current PtNode is a moved PtNode.
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getHeadPos() const {
return mHeadPos;
// Flags
AK_FORCE_INLINE bool isDeleted() const {
return DynamicPatriciaTrieReadingUtils::isDeleted(mFlags);
AK_FORCE_INLINE bool hasChildren() const {
return mChildrenPos != NOT_A_DICT_POS;
AK_FORCE_INLINE bool isTerminal() const {
return PatriciaTrieReadingUtils::isTerminal(mFlags);
AK_FORCE_INLINE bool isBlacklisted() const {
return PatriciaTrieReadingUtils::isBlacklisted(mFlags);
AK_FORCE_INLINE bool isNotAWord() const {
return PatriciaTrieReadingUtils::isNotAWord(mFlags);
// Parent node position
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getParentPos() const {
return mParentPos;
// Number of code points
AK_FORCE_INLINE uint8_t getCodePointCount() const {
return mCodePointCount;
// Probability
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getProbabilityFieldPos() const {
return mProbabilityFieldPos;
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getProbability() const {
return mProbability;
// Children PtNode array position
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getChildrenPosFieldPos() const {
return mChildrenPosFieldPos;
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getChildrenPos() const {
return mChildrenPos;
// Bigram linked node position.
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getBigramLinkedNodePos() const {
return mBigramLinkedNodePos;
// Shortcutlist position
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getShortcutPos() const {
return mShortcutPos;
// Bigrams position
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getBigramsPos() const {
return mBigramPos;
// Sibling node position
AK_FORCE_INLINE int getSiblingNodePos() const {
return mSiblingPos;
const BufferWithExtendableBuffer *const mBuffer;
const DictionaryBigramsStructurePolicy *const mBigramsPolicy;
const DictionaryShortcutsStructurePolicy *const mShortcutsPolicy;
int mHeadPos;
DynamicPatriciaTrieReadingUtils::NodeFlags mFlags;
int mParentPos;
uint8_t mCodePointCount;
int mProbabilityFieldPos;
int mProbability;
int mChildrenPosFieldPos;
int mChildrenPos;
int mBigramLinkedNodePos;
int mShortcutPos;
int mBigramPos;
int mSiblingPos;
void fetchPtNodeInfoFromBufferAndProcessMovedPtNode(const int ptNodePos,
const int maxCodePointCount, int *const outCodePoints);
void invalidatePtNodeInfo();
} // namespace latinime