system_api: dbus: rename metrics_event proto file

Naming the protobuf specification "service.proto" causes conflicts
in the chrome build.  This may be related to

namespace protobuf_service_2eproto {
void InitDefaults() {

Naming the file "service.proto" makes the namespace contain the word
"service", which happens to be used by another protobuf for vm_concierge.
So I get a link-time multiple definition.

TEST=compiles and runs correctly with chromium changes that use it

Change-Id: Ic83489d3bab15f627288e44c323e5032da76d874
Commit-Ready: Luigi Semenzato <>
Tested-by: Luigi Semenzato <>
Reviewed-by: Dan Erat <>
diff --git a/dbus/metrics_event/service.proto b/dbus/metrics_event/metrics_event.proto
similarity index 100%
rename from dbus/metrics_event/service.proto
rename to dbus/metrics_event/metrics_event.proto