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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package camera
import (
func init() {
Func: GCARecording,
Desc: "Tests video recording with GoogleCameraArc (GCA)",
Contacts: []string{"", ""},
Attr: []string{"group:mainline", "informational", "group:camera-libcamera"},
SoftwareDeps: []string{"chrome", caps.BuiltinOrVividCamera},
Data: []string{gca.Apk},
Pre: arc.Booted(),
Timeout: 4 * time.Minute,
Params: []testing.Param{{
ExtraSoftwareDeps: []string{"android_p"},
}, {
Name: "vm",
ExtraSoftwareDeps: []string{"android_vm"},
// GCARecording tests video recording with GoogleCameraArc (GCA).
// This test would record a video with the default resolution and verify that a matching output image file is created.
// Note that this test doesn't verify the integrity of the output file.
func GCARecording(ctx context.Context, s *testing.State) {
gca.RunTest(ctx, s, func(ctx context.Context, a *arc.ARC, d *ui.Device) {
// Switch to video mode.
if err := gca.SwitchMode(ctx, d, gca.VideoMode); err != nil {
s.Fatal("Failed to switch to video mode: ", err)
// Start recording.
if err := gca.ClickShutterButton(ctx, d); err != nil {
s.Fatal("Failed to start video recording: ", err)
// Record for 3 seconds.
if err := testing.Sleep(ctx, 3*time.Second); err != nil {
s.Fatal("Timed out on recording video: ", err)
// Get current timestamp and stop recording by clicking on the shutter button again.
ts := time.Now()
if err := gca.ClickShutterButton(ctx, d); err != nil {
s.Fatal("Failed to stop video recording: ", err)
// Verify that a new video file is created.
if err := gca.VerifyFile(ctx, s.PreValue().(arc.PreData).Chrome, gca.VideoPattern, ts); err != nil {
s.Fatal("Failed to find matching output video file: ", err)