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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package firmware
import (
func init() {
Func: FpUpdaterSucceeded,
Desc: "Checks that the fingerprint firmware updater did not fail at boot",
Contacts: []string{
"", // Test Author
Attr: []string{"group:mainline", "group:fingerprint-cq"},
SoftwareDeps: []string{"biometrics_daemon"},
HardwareDeps: hwdep.D(hwdep.Fingerprint()),
const (
successString = "The update was successful."
// Differentiate between RO and RW failures, instead of using regex.
roFailureString = "Failed to update RO image, aborting."
rwFailureString = "Failed to update RW image, aborting."
noUpdateString = "Update was not necessary."
noFirmwareFileString = "No firmware file on rootfs, exiting."
func FpUpdaterSucceeded(ctx context.Context, s *testing.State) {
latest, prev, err := firmware.ReadFpUpdaterLogs()
if err != nil {
s.Fatal("Failed to read logs: ", err)
// After a successful update there's a reboot, so latest log should say no update needed.
if strings.Contains(latest, noUpdateString) && strings.Contains(prev, successString) {
// If both latest and previous log says no update, count as success.
if strings.Contains(latest, noUpdateString) && strings.Contains(prev, noUpdateString) {
// If latest log says no update and previous log does not exist, count as success.
if strings.Contains(latest, noUpdateString) && prev == "" {
// Everything else counts as failure.
if strings.Contains(latest, roFailureString) || strings.Contains(prev, roFailureString) {
s.Fatal("Failed to update RO")
if strings.Contains(latest, rwFailureString) || strings.Contains(prev, rwFailureString) {
s.Fatal("Failed to update RW")
if strings.Contains(latest, noFirmwareFileString) || strings.Contains(prev, noFirmwareFileString) {
s.Fatal("Failed to find firmware file on rootfs")
s.Fatal("Updater result unknown")