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How to update the lacros binary manually

There are two steps to updating the lacros binary manually. The first is to get (build or download) a tarball with the necessary files. The second is to upload it to GCS and update lacros_binary.tar.external to point to the new tarball.

It is recommended to use a fishfood build because it's guaranteed to have been compiled correctly.

Creating the lacros tarball

Using an existing build (recommended)

Run the following commands to grab the latest build and convert it into a tarball usable by the Tast tests. It is recommended to use the latest qualified fishfood build, for now. After compression, the tarball should not exceed 150 MB.

export BUILD=` cat gs://chrome-unsigned/desktop-5c0tCh/latest/linux64.txt` cp gs://chrome-unsigned/desktop-5c0tCh/$BUILD/lacros64/ /tmp/
unzip /tmp/ -d /tmp/lacros_binary
tar -C /tmp -cf - lacros_binary  | xz -ce --threads 0 - > /tmp/lacros_binary.tar

Building manually (not recommended)

  1. Build lacros. Make sure dcheck_always_on=false.
ninja -C out/Lacros -j 16000 -l 400 chrome
  1. Create a tarball with the needed lacros files.
export LACROS_OUTDIR=<your out dir> # e.g. out/Lacros
mkdir /tmp/lacros_binary
cp -r {chrome,nacl_helper,nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe,locales,*.pak,icudtl.dat,snapshot_blob.bin,swiftshader,crashpad_handler,WidevineCdm} /tmp/lacros_binary
tar -C /tmp -cf - lacros_binary  | xz -ce --threads 0 - > /tmp/lacros_binary.tar

The content of the tarball should be a single ‘lacros_binary’ directory with the files inside.

  1. Optionally test the lacros binary locally:
export CROS_DIR=<your chromeos dir> # e.g. /src/cros
cp /tmp/lacros_binary.tar $CROS_DIR/src/platform/tast-tests/src/chromiumos/tast/local/bundles/cros/lacros/data
rm $CROS_DIR/src/platform/tast-tests/src/chromiumos/tast/local/bundles/cros/lacros/data/lacros_binary.tar.external

Then from inside the ChromiumOS chroot:

tast run <dut> lacros.Basic

Make sure to delete the local binary after you are done with it, otherwise the remote binary won't be used later when you try to test that everything worked:

rm $CROS_DIR/src/platform/tast-tests/src/chromiumos/tast/local/bundles/cros/lacros/data/lacros_binary.tar

Testing and updating the lacros tarball

  1. Update the lacros_binary.tar.external file:
export DATECODE=`date +"%Y%m%d"`
sha256sum /tmp/lacros_binary.tar
wc -c /tmp/lacros_binary.tar
echo lacros_binary_$DATECODE.tar

Copy-paste the SHA-256 sum and size in bytes of the file into $CROS_DIR/src/platform/tast-tests/src/chromiumos/tast/local/bundles/cros/lacros/data/lacros_binary.tar.external. Update the URL as well to the one with the correct filename.

  1. Upload the new file to GCS.
export DATECODE=`date +"%Y%m%d"` cp /tmp/lacros_binary.tar gs://chromiumos-test-assets-public/tast/cros/lacros/lacros_binary_$DATECODE.tar
  1. Test that Tast tests can pass with the new tarball:
tast run <dut> lacros.Basic
  1. Upload a CL updating the lacros_binary.tar.external file.