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Test app for testing the NaCl technology

This directory contains the source files of the Chrome App that is used by the Tast test for exercising the Native Client technology.

NaCl module preparation

The NaCl module used by this Chrome App is compiled from a simple test program from the Chromium repository:


The NaCl module is precompiled and injected into the test via data files, since compiling it requires setting up the NaCl toolchain (which would be cumbersome and very time-consuming to perform during the test).

In accordance with the Tast guidelines, only small textual files are stored in this repository, meanwhile the actual PNaCl module binary (nacl_module.pexe) is stored as an external data file. If a new version of it needs to be generated, the following command could be used (which assumes that you have the Chromium checkout and the NaCl toolchain set up):

-O2 -lppapi -lppapi_cpp
-o nacl_module.non_finalized.pexe
-o nacl_module.pexe