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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package dbusutil
import (
func TestMatchesSignal(t *testing.T) {
const (
sender = "org.example.MyService"
path = "/org/example/MyService"
iface = "org.example.MyServiceInterface"
member = "MySignal"
arg0 = "MyArg"
sig := &dbus.Signal{
Sender: sender,
Path: dbus.ObjectPath(path),
Name: iface + "." + member,
Body: []interface{}{arg0},
for _, tc := range []struct {
spec MatchSpec
sig *dbus.Signal
exp bool
{MatchSpec{}, sig, true},
{MatchSpec{Type: "signal"}, sig, true},
{MatchSpec{Type: "method"}, sig, false},
{MatchSpec{Path: dbus.ObjectPath(path)}, sig, true},
{MatchSpec{Path: dbus.ObjectPath("/foo")}, sig, false},
{MatchSpec{Sender: sender}, sig, true},
{MatchSpec{Sender: "bloop"}, sig, false},
{MatchSpec{Interface: iface}, sig, true},
{MatchSpec{Interface: "org.blah"}, sig, false},
{MatchSpec{Member: member}, sig, true},
{MatchSpec{Member: "blippo"}, sig, false},
{MatchSpec{Arg0: arg0}, sig, true},
{MatchSpec{Arg0: "splat"}, sig, false},
Type: "signal",
Path: dbus.ObjectPath(path),
Sender: sender,
Interface: iface,
Member: member,
Arg0: arg0,
}, sig, true},
{MatchSpec{Arg0: arg0}, &dbus.Signal{}, false},
} {
if act := tc.spec.MatchesSignal(tc.sig); act != tc.exp {
t.Errorf("%v.MatchesSignal(%v) = %v; want %v", tc.spec, tc.sig, act, tc.exp)