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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Package histogram is a package for common code related to video specific histogram.
package histogram
import (
// WasHWAccelUsed returns whether HW acceleration is used for certain action.
// initHistogram is the histogram obtained before the action.
// successValue is the bucket value of HW acceleration success case.
// Note that it returns true even if more than one successful count is observed.
// It is because in some cases, we occassionally observed more than one
// successful count ( To prevent it from reporting false
// negative result, we relax the condition from successful count == 1 to >= 1,
// regardless it may introuce some false positive result.
// TODO( follow up the improvement plan.
func WasHWAccelUsed(ctx context.Context, tconn *chrome.TestConn, initHistogram *metrics.Histogram, histogramName string, successValue int64) (bool, error) {
// There are three valid cases.
// 1. No histogram is updated. This is the case if HW Acceleration is disabled due to Chrome flag, ex. --disable-accelerated-video-decode.
// 2. Histogram is updated with 15. This is the case if Chrome tries to initailize HW Acceleration but it fails because the codec is not supported on DUT.
// 3. Histogram is updated with 0. This is the case if Chrome sucessfully initializes HW Acceleration.
// err is not nil here if HW Acceleration is disabled and then Chrome doesn't try HW Acceleration initialization at all.
// For the case 1, we pass a short time context to WaitForHistogramUpdate to avoid the whole test context (ctx) from reaching deadline.
histogramDiff, err := metrics.WaitForHistogramUpdate(ctx, tconn, histogramName, initHistogram, 15*time.Second)
if err != nil {
// This is the first case; no histogram is updated.
return false, nil
testing.ContextLogf(ctx, "Got update to %s histogram: %s", histogramName, histogramDiff)
if len(histogramDiff.Buckets) > 1 {
return false, errors.Wrapf(err, "unexpected histogram update: %v", histogramDiff)
diff := histogramDiff.Buckets[0]
hwAccelUsed := diff.Min == successValue && diff.Max == successValue+1 && diff.Count >= 1
if !hwAccelUsed {
testing.ContextLogf(ctx, "Histogram update: %s, if HW accel were used, it should be [[%d, %d) 1]", histogramDiff, successValue, successValue+1)
} else if diff.Count > 1 {
testing.ContextLog(ctx, "Note that more than one successful count is observed: ", diff.Count)
return hwAccelUsed, nil