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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package hwsec
import (
apb "chromiumos/system_api/attestation_proto"
// VAType indicates the type VA server, of which the possible value are default and test; see the const definition below.
type VAType int
// ACAType indicates the type ACA server, of which the possible value are default and test; see the const definition below.
type ACAType int
// PCAType is basically an alias of ACAType from legacy cryptohome's terminology.
type PCAType ACAType
const (
// PollingInterval is the polling interval we use in this library and the libraries extending this.
PollingInterval = 100 * time.Millisecond
// DefaultTakingOwnershipTimeout is the default timeout while taking TPM ownership.
DefaultTakingOwnershipTimeout = 40 * time.Second
// DefaultPreparationForEnrolmentTimeout is the default timeout for attestation to be prepared.
DefaultPreparationForEnrolmentTimeout = 40 * time.Second
// AttestationDBPath is the path of attestation database.
AttestationDBPath = "/mnt/stateful_partition/unencrypted/preserve/attestation.epb"
// TpmManagerLocalDataPath is the path of tpm_manager local data (only applicable for distributed model).
TpmManagerLocalDataPath = "/var/lib/tpm_manager/local_tpm_data"
// OwnerPasswordLength is the owner password length we set by our implementation.
OwnerPasswordLength = 20
const (
// DefaultACA indicates the default ACA server.
DefaultACA ACAType = iota
// TestACA indicates the test ACA server.
const (
// DefaultPCA indicates the default PCA server.
DefaultPCA PCAType = iota
// TestPCA indicates the test PCA server.
const (
// DefaultVA indicates the default VA server.
DefaultVA VAType = iota
// TestVA indicates the test VA server.
const (
// DefaultCertProfile is the default cert profile we use when tesing.
DefaultCertProfile apb.CertificateProfile = apb.CertificateProfile_ENTERPRISE_USER_CERTIFICATE
// DefaultCertOrigin is the default value of the certificate origin.
DefaultCertOrigin string = ""
// DefaultCertLabel is the default label to identify the cert.
DefaultCertLabel string = "aaa"
// DefaultKeyPayload is the default key playload used for testing.
DefaultKeyPayload string = "payload"