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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package wpasupplicant
import (
const (
dbusInterfaceInterface = "fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1.Interface"
dbusInterfaceMethodFlushBSS = "FlushBSS"
dbusInterfaceMethodReattach = "Reattach"
dbusInterfacePropBSSs = "BSSs"
// DBusInterfacePropDisconnectReason the most recent IEEE802.11 reason code for disconnect. Negative value indicates locally generated disconnect.
DBusInterfacePropDisconnectReason = "DisconnectReason"
// DBusInterfaceSignalBSSAdded Interface became awaere of a new BSS.
DBusInterfaceSignalBSSAdded = "BSSAdded"
// DBusInterfaceSignalPropertiesChanged indicates that some properties have changed. Possible properties are: "ApScan", "Scanning", "State", "CurrentBSS", "CurrentNetwork".
DBusInterfaceSignalPropertiesChanged = "PropertiesChanged"
// DBusInterfaceSignalScanDone indicates that the scanning is finished.
DBusInterfaceSignalScanDone = "ScanDone"
// DBusInterfaceSignalEAP indicates the status of the EAP peer.
DBusInterfaceSignalEAP = "EAP"
// DBusInterfaceStateAssociated is the value of the State property when the interface is associated.
DBusInterfaceStateAssociated = "associated"
// DBusInterfaceStateCompleted is the value of the State property when all authentication is completed.
DBusInterfaceStateCompleted = "completed"
// Interface is the object to interact with wpa_supplicant's
// fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1.Interface interface.
type Interface struct {
dbus *dbusutil.DBusObject
// NewInterface creates an Interface object.
func NewInterface(ctx context.Context, path dbus.ObjectPath) (*Interface, error) {
d, err := dbusutil.NewDBusObject(ctx, dbusBaseInterface, dbusInterfaceInterface, path)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return &Interface{dbus: d}, nil
// BSSs returns the BSSs property of the interface.
func (iface *Interface) BSSs(ctx context.Context) ([]*BSS, error) {
ctx, st := timing.Start(ctx, "interface.BSSs")
defer st.End()
var bssPaths []dbus.ObjectPath
if err := iface.dbus.Get(ctx, dbusInterfacePropBSSs, &bssPaths); err != nil {
return nil, err
var ret []*BSS
for _, path := range bssPaths {
bss, err := NewBSS(ctx, path)
if err != nil {
testing.ContextLogf(ctx, "Failed to NewBSS(%s): %v", path, err)
} else {
ret = append(ret, bss)
return ret, nil
// DBusObject returns the D-Bus object of the interface.
func (iface *Interface) DBusObject() *dbusutil.DBusObject {
return iface.dbus
// BSSAddedSignal wraps D-Bus BSSAdded signal arguments.
type BSSAddedSignal struct {
BSS dbus.ObjectPath
SSID []byte
BSSID []byte
// ParseBSSAddedSignal parses the D-Bus signal to a BSSAddedSignal.
func (iface *Interface) ParseBSSAddedSignal(ctx context.Context, sig *dbus.Signal) (*BSSAddedSignal, error) {
if len(sig.Body) != 2 {
return nil, errors.Errorf("len(sig.Body)=%d, want 2", len(sig.Body))
path, ok := sig.Body[0].(dbus.ObjectPath)
if !ok {
return nil, errors.Errorf("got sig.Body[0]: %v, want dbus.ObjectPath type", sig.Body[0])
bssProps, ok := sig.Body[1].(map[string]dbus.Variant)
if !ok {
return nil, errors.Errorf("got sig.Body[1]: %v, want map[string]dbus.Variant type", sig.Body[1])
ssid, ok := bssProps["SSID"]
if !ok {
return nil, errors.New("failed to find the value of the property SSID")
bssid, ok := bssProps["BSSID"]
if !ok {
return nil, errors.New("failed to find the value of the property BSSID")
bSSID, ok := ssid.Value().([]byte)
if !ok {
return nil, errors.Errorf("got SSID %v, want []byte", ssid.Value())
bBSSID, ok := bssid.Value().([]byte)
if !ok {
return nil, errors.Errorf("got BSSID %v, want []byte", bssid.Value())
return &BSSAddedSignal{
BSS: path,
}, nil
// ParseScanDoneSignal parses the ScanDone D-Bus signal and returns if it is a
// successful ScanDone.
func (iface *Interface) ParseScanDoneSignal(ctx context.Context, sig *dbus.Signal) (bool, error) {
// Checks if it's a successful ScanDone.
if len(sig.Body) != 1 {
return false, errors.Errorf("got body length=%d, want 1", len(sig.Body))
b, ok := sig.Body[0].(bool)
if !ok {
return false, errors.Errorf("got body %v, want boolean", sig.Body[0])
return b, nil
// Reattach calls the Reattach method of the interface.
func (iface *Interface) Reattach(ctx context.Context) error {
return iface.dbus.Call(ctx, dbusInterfaceMethodReattach).Err
// SignalName returns the name of the dbus.Signal, which may be one of DBusInterfaceSignal*.
func SignalName(s *dbus.Signal) string {
parts := strings.Split(s.Name, ".")
if len(parts) == 0 {
return ""
return parts[len(parts)-1]
// FlushBSS calls the FlushBSS method of the interface to flush BSS entries from the cache.
func (iface *Interface) FlushBSS(ctx context.Context, age uint32) error {
return iface.dbus.Call(ctx, dbusInterfaceMethodFlushBSS, age).Err